Float fishing techniques winter saved three steps: cleaning and maintenance Sav
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Float fishing groups, but the more delicate objects, saving shall not be treated in the winter months down may go wrong. Save my winter now floats three-step introduction to fishing friends, for the winter maintenance of fishing gear reference. The first step cleaning Take a small piece of soft cloth wet with water after the first floating body, floating feet wipe clean, and then point a little toothpaste on the cloth rubbing uniform, will be the end of each color floating head turn and lightly rub with this two or three, and then with water to wash entire float, dry. Step Maintenance Looking for a transparent packaging of the large floats drift tube (in his longest and most coarse float date), the drift tube from the inside of a vent plug of the gel-point with 502 dead, and then plug fitted to the drift tube sealed with 502 weeks on the circle, to ensure no leakage; the light paraffin oil (pharmacies and hospitals available) into the drift tube, the end of the drift down, the foot with the other plug to withstand the drift drift drift body to the feet pressed into the paraffin oil immersion; stop playing with your fingers moving drift tube, carefully observed, especially with the floating body floating tail, feet under the drift of two binding sites with or without tiny bubbles leaking float. If yes, where the bubble is that it is flawed and should be repaired promptly remove the float; the floating pipe hanging on the heating side of the heat two or three days, this period should always observe whether the small bubbles floating on the surface of paraffin oil. The third step is saved Floats removed after soaking, not cleaning, directly inserted in the vertical foam board, plastic board will float along with the temperature kept low and stable, not ventilated and dark place, floating on a thin layer of paraffin oil that floats throughout the winter guard. The advent of the next fishing season, as long as the whole body with a dry soft cloth to wipe the look, you can use floats. Consistent with these three steps to save the winter float, at least three significant effects: first, to make bright colors floated before the end of recovery. Second, the paraffin oil immersion can drift body paint examined, and the naked eye difficult to observe the fine cracks or defects with the infiltration, tired of blocking function to prevent the draft. Third, very dry in the winter months to maintain whole body straight floats, not deformed.