The elderly fall into the ice chisel ice fishing fire stake lend a helping hand
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21, Great Northern Stream Ninghe County village of Put Put Boat Town, an old man by cutting Jiyun accidentally fall into water, ice fishing, local fire officers and men for help in a timely and out of danger. 8:39, Lutai Ninghe County Fire Corps squadron command center received a scheduling order, the district Jiyun was involved, the situation is very critical. Alarm, the squadron quickly dispatched two vehicles to the scene. Fire officers on the scene that more than 100 meters in width, more than 10 meters water depth at the middle Jiyun, an elderly man floating in ice water at any time the risk of falling into a river. According to site personnel, elderly villagers, were gouged in the ice fishing Jiyun, because the ice is not frozen solid crashed into the water. Cold weather, the ice is thinner, older elderly people unable to help themselves. Jiyun depth of ten meters, sinking into the river such as the elderly, the rescue will be very difficult. Squadron commander Dong Yun Chao, Zhao Huanwen, Zhang Kai, soldiers quickly put on life jackets according to the scene, tied safety belt, the use of ladders and rescue tools such as a large rope down to the ice. Because the ice is thin, rescue workers had to lie prostrate on the ice ahead, while taking advantage of the elderly and stable emotional propaganda loudspeakers. When rescue workers had just climbed a few meters away from the old man fell into place when she heard a "crack, crack" of the ice cracked beneath his feet. In critical situations, squadron commander and decisive command detour ahead. 20 meters, 15 meters, 10 meters ... ..., rescue workers move closer to falling into the water for the elderly. Near the old people, soldiers tied a rope ladder Zhang Kai will slide the old man, own a large area using a ladder to the elderly bearing crawling around, the life buoy firmly set in the old man, the commander Dong Yun Chao, Zhao Huanwen lead other combatants and Police pulled tight spot with the big rope rescue personnel who will pull them ashore. Fell into the old man was successfully rescued, was quickly carried to the "120" ambulance to hospital.