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Nachengzi reservoir
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Reservoir is located in Nachengzi Liaoning visits former town power remote town Nachengzi village, reservoir gets a name because of place name, be located on the foliaceous conspicuous river of coronal river affluent, it is one is given priority to with prevent or control flood, hold <> concurrently irrigate, what generate electricity and supply prosperous graph city to water is pisciculture, big 2 reservoir, reservoir is apart from 36 kilometers of former city, communication is easy. Reservoir only then built in August 1958, cellar of the oldest warehouse 235.2 million stere, control drainage area 625 square kilometer, surface grows about 30 kilometers, inside the library the biggest depth of water 30 meters, reservoir shows a rectangle, depend on hill and build, large dams is located in between two hill. The boat goes in edge large dams, good angle can be found everywhere, before inserting channel, Yantai channel, dam especially, place of this few points often gives big fish, be like Yong of carp, careless, green silver crap, also go up big crucian carp, yellow forehead, catfish and big 鲌 , belong to first-rate to angle dot. Advocate wadi borders hill edge, big fish gathers in this more. Of large dams south, relief is relatively even be sea pole is good angle dot. Sea pole sends a line to angle, spur bank 100 meters, can angle catch big fish. Insert sail channel to manage the fish with a hook and line that is beautiful of a special skill, water is not quite deep, should hold this to angle only, did not catch a fish. It is reservoir here the widest area, and riparian border water plants is flourish, it is the ground of the perch of big fish, multiply. Here go angling, must be long pole, rounds big with thick wire hook, sea pole had better be in 3 meters of above, annulus store the line is measured should with 300 meters of above had better, line means had better be in 0.4~0.5 millimeter, hook with Yi situation Buddhist nun 13, date or 14 small Ji, 9, 10 are beautiful, send a line to 150~200 rice between, bait uses broken bits of soya-bean cake of corn bead mix into, before using best can will both go up with water bubble 6 hours, hook bait is wine, essence immerses 1 year the big jade grain of rice of above or grain of rice of in bags jade, angle group hook before one times to drop, the 1~2 after dropping the hook is optimal match.

In last few years, reservoir has Nachengzi year after year big fish appears and disappear, september 2000, of factory of building materials of iron mountain county angle friend angles the big black carp that obtained a 40 kilogram; 200 years on October 2, one of Shenyang city angles friend angles here the crucian carp fish that caught a 2 kilogram to weigh; On September 12, 2001, abundant county angles friend angles in reservoir on the west the black carp that obtains a 34 kilogram to weigh. As to break a line to run piscine thing, it is common occurance more, the writer ever ran at sail channel was being inserted to angle in reservoir in September 2001 a fish, 13 Yi situation Buddhist nun hook is given forcedly to be pulled by the fish. In August 2002, reservoir still produced Nachengzi such fun. Drive former city some bureau director angles with two friend was in place of mouth of Yantai channel channel 2001, with rod of sea of 4.5 meters of hands a big fish, from midday at 12 o'clock day only then stroll fish, go into battle of 3 people take turns, stroll still was done not have at 12 o'clock to midnight piscine stroll lack, break line stroll finally, it is what kind of fish, they also did not understand up to now, give the memory that already kept the next to be effaced hard oneself ……
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