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Passion casts pole to spend booth lake
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Beautiful booth lake is located in the Anhui province too the boundary of yellow plum county of lake county and Hubei, it is famed travel resort. 2003, FishingKing company ever was held successfully here wild angle the match and international angle lawFishingThe total final of the match. In October 2004, company of fishing tackle of north and south also held 36 hours of libraries of countrywide to angle large award is surpassed here. This the library angles the match is 72 hours, make the flower wells balanced the lake makes the central point that the whole nation angles friend pays close attention to again. To let take part in the match the player wells balanced to the flower affection of lake regimen fish has a knowledge, the author lake of the 3 booth that seek a flower, now to angle friend makes a simple introductory ———

Natural regimen

Beautiful booth lake belongs to upland landforms reservoir, it is a basis the hill situation at that time and natural condition build. Underwater landform is complex, uneven, depth is differ, most in can amount to tens of rice, the lowest point can arrive soon benthic. The landforms substantially in the lake is according to hill situation depth differs, turn of a few lakes is more shallow, lake bank and far of surface 6~7 rice can amount to 4.5 meters deep, deeper even. Benthic is hill stone more, can appear the phenomenon that hangs a bottom. Harbour of beautiful booth lake is numerous, the lake branch of a river of the water front of lake of 30 much kilometers of annulus lake and tortuosity can is angle friend offers countless ideal to angle; Island of lunar bay, lover, amber island and in spreading all over Yu Hu tens of isle, it is to angle more the good place of friendly scramble for sth; Most famous still have doctoral island, golden ground island, etc angle dot. Spring 2002, the ground of the success that cast pole that Anqing angles friend grows with 2.4 meters angles the big black carp that obtained to heft 34.5 kilogram, with one action achieves Anqing area to angle big fish is recorded, on a when be namely opposite doctoral island anonymous isle. On July 25, 2003, tradition of city of Hubei province Wuhan angles ace Xu Jian exceeds angle in international in the total final of the law, use bag is fed angle law, one day angles the big fish that catchs two more than 5 kilogram, also be in this water area. Because reservoir is medium clay is less, free from contamination of system of together with water, lake water is clear and transparent, visibility can amount to 1~2 rice. The close water that is in in rice of 1~2 of depth of water so is unfavorable hand rod, but suit to cast rod very much.

Natural fish affection

Enjoy “ Oriental Geneva, the United States is more beautiful than ” of 1000 islands lake praise the lake face blue waves that the flower wells balanced the lake makes an appointment with 80 square kilometer ripples, imposing manner extensive grand. Abundant of here water broad fish, products is rich, especially the wild fish in natural water area is your go angling more person do it be charmed. Common silver crap Yong, grass carp, black carp, lumpfish, crucian carp is divided here fish, yellow forehead, red snapper of fish of the fish sperm that amount to a family name, Mongolia is white, become warped mouth red snapper besides fish of white, catfish, snakehead, mandarin fish, still have a lot of precious rare fish, fish of chicken of if inclined jaw is fine scale Gu, red end Gu, curved bifurcation, silver-colored Gu, horse 30 a variety of. Spend the fish natural resources with booth substantial lake, yes
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