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Natural angle- - lake of peace and tranquility
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Lake of peace and tranquility is the artificial lake with the biggest Anhui, also be natural zoology safeguards resort of first-rate green scenery. The lake of guest person peace and tranquility that comes from flourishing city is “ natural oxygen ” , come here the expert of World Tourism Organization that make an on-the-spot investigation calls peace and tranquility the lake is the purest green home ” on “ earth. Lake of peace and tranquility still shed the great river 5000 in emancipatory initial stage, the two sides of the river is hill city ancient town, of the river it is famous green Yi Jiang downstream. 1957, commitment of former Russia state helps Chinese build 100 water conservancy project, building old village reservoir is among them one of. Old village reservoir is in county of peace and tranquility (namely present Huang Shan area) the place with have a common boundary of county of short for the Jinghe River, design the built Xin Anjiang reservoir that still has Zhejiang together at that time. Xin Anjiang reservoir became 1000 islands lake nowadays, old village reservoir is incognito into lake of peace and tranquility. Lake of peace and tranquility built 1970 and begin store water, before this, removed two counties, one is county of former peace and tranquility, one is stone stage county, the dweller of original river two sides moves change immigrant to arrived to go somewhere else, old market town is flooded benthic, became lake bottom old market. such, shed the river that dripped thousands of years to transform young now lake of beautiful peace and tranquility.

The situation of lake of peace and tranquility is advantaged, be located in southeast yellow Shan Beilu, 9 Mount Hua, it is to enchase in Huang Shan and a bright phearl between 9 Mount Hua, celestial being water of Huang Shan and the Buddha water of 9 Mount Hua, collected the holy water of lake of peace and tranquility. Area of water area of lake of peace and tranquility is 88.6 square kilometer, for 17 times of Hangzhou west lake, the widest place has 6 kilometers, most in have 70 meters, average depth of water 40 meters, dependency home one level water quality. Well-known poet syzygy ever had praised so: “ day pool does not have this kind, too the lake does not have this deep and serene, 3 gorge do not have this fresh and green, li river does not have this smoke cloud, fu Chun does not have this Gao Han, on the west child without this mind, qianlong does not have this the good luck of seeing sth rare, changjiang Delta does not have this journey by boat. Lake of ” peace and tranquility besides maintaining some former irrigating, generate electricity, outside the function such as aquiculture, develop on tourism in recent years very fast, establish the circuitry of the brigade ” of one lake, green mixes two hill of “ brand, very the favour that accepts tourist of happy water of hill of global happy event. Communication of lake of peace and tranquility is easy, freeway of Huang Shan of — of hill of Hefei — copper is being built. Build inside scene area have hotel of class of much home star, the quiet room that the accommodation environment that provided easy grace for all circles personage of lake of presence peace and tranquility and recuperate recuperate. Bay of stockaded village of kiln of island of deer of the city of the Eight Diagrams of tourist attraction —— that the development of central lake area of lake of peace and tranquility has natural landscape and humanitarian landscape each shining more brilliantly in the other's company, monkey, dragon, peace and tranquility, additionally lake of peace and tranquility still sets a variety of You Le projects: Muti_function be restricted deep swim the motor on slippery water of flying umbrella of pool, drawing, drawing, water.
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