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Beautiful and mysterious cloud covers a lake
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Meng Hu is located in unconscious shade county east 25 kilometer place. Visit warehouse of the 2nd flood for Shandong. Only then built 1959, cover an area of 100 thousand mus, store water 7. 800 million stere, it is a country to irrigate the Woye fertile land of Lu Na, North Jiangsu, remove river of short for the Yihe River, Shu is downstream big damage caused by waterlogging is killed and build. Now, cloud unconscious lake already developed become collect to irrigate, prevent or control flood, breed, the travel developing zone that sightseeing is an organic whole.

Meng Yin, be located in Shandong south, cover the secret of hill. Prefectural condition south cheats hill lofty, be continuous more than 100 lis, its peak is in more kilometre above. Upper group of Gu are bristly, altitude 400 meters of above person more than 60. Dong Wen river, catalpa river, unconscious river the source gives prefectural place. Shanghai of 205 nations line, Beijing the freeway is perforative prefectural condition south, traffic is very convenient. Travel resource of Meng Yin is advantaged, gu of strange peak, name, danger closes, green jade water, the warlike relics that still has famed world - Meng Liang Gu.

Lofty cheats the natural landscape of hill to have distinguishing feature alone, the danger of the strong, yellow Shan Zhixiu that it holds a father-in-law concurrently, Mount Hua, wild goose swings Shan Zhiji. Confucius Wang Shanxing sighs: "Lu Xi of more than desire, the " that chelonian hill avoids. Song Cuibai of the mulberry on hill, flying waterfall sheds the cloud. Meng Shan folds emerald green element to cry for tourist absolutely. Monarch was park of unconscious hill forest 1993, to be away for the summer holidays tourist attraction.

Draw near according to hill the cloud of water covers a lake, insignificant of mist-covered water grand, large dams hero is resided, gull bird circle in the air collect, water nature is uniform. . . . . . Surface of the 2700 hectare inside the lake is developed entirely, green, careless, silver crap, crucian carp, too crab of fish of lake whitebait, mandarin fish, fresh water already settled down here. According to investigating statistic, the typical fish that water system of river of the Huaihe River has in cloud unconscious lake shares 6 eye 10 divisions 46 kinds.

Overflow of heave of hill of annulus of all sides of cloud unconscious lake, green jade, scenery is pretty and magical, newly-built annulus lake road is capacious and even. Go all the way, from Yao Shan head, Zhou Jiazhai, Gao Zhuang goes to Home Ma garden, chain of mountains is folded emerald green, song Tingliu hangs down. Go forth again, city of ursine home bay, the pubic bay, iron, Shi Qiao is having another attractive fokelore; Temple of field of home of Zhang Jialou, the Song Dynasty, lection, recounting that old myth everywhere. "Interlocking of " of temple of emperor of jade of Jin Dingzi " , " , draw near lake and stand, the landscape is hilly and primitive. Still have " of " moon bay that attractive natural landscape, dou Lingdiao is friendly people praise greatly, be reluctant to leave forget to return.
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