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Yunnan, the lake that stroke celestial being
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The lake that stroke celestial being is located in southeast of city of Kunming of Yunnan provincial capital to arrange 60 kilometers place, clear of green jade of water of verdure of here green hill, lake, sight is magnificent and travel spends hypothesis to apply complete, it is the people sightseeing, good place of recreational, recreation, fishing.

The lake face north and south of the lake that stroke celestial being grows about 32 kilometre, the thing is wide about 12 kilometre, lake water front is as long as 93 kilometre, the water quality of the lake that stroke celestial being is very good, visibility can amount to 8 ~ 10 meters, the lakefront that stroke celestial being has nearly 100 to handle beautiful situation, already opened salary to fill now, Gu hill, star, new influx, big talk area of 5 great respect, among them salary is filled and Gu hill two ground scene is the most beautiful, tourist attraction most concentration. Salary fills face of scene area lake to widen and the bank is much more elegant hill scene, situation of hill of hill of pen rack of scene area center and the kylin hill of two side, pointed hill forceful, modelling is peculiar. Area of Gu hill scene is an isle of the end austral lake area, on the island many bizarre rock and elegant booth cabinet, the natural bridge here, abandon the “ such as unripe cliff new, old scene of 10 scene ” is beautiful, annual the annulus of black carp rank that 5 ~ often appear to differ by several end size on face of lake of edge of the island between August swims “ black carp of composition blast ” , occasion is magical and grand, inviting. In addition, the hot spring inside area of scene of the lakeside pleasure ground inside area of scene of medium star fishing hole, new like star scene area influx, big talk goes vacationing the village renown scene that also is the lakefront that stroke celestial being.

“ black carp often can appear inside the lake that stroke celestial being blast ” is very grand, a long time achieves 229, little when also have just a little 100, “ black carp blast the another window that the occurrence of ” will make travel of the lake that stroke celestial being go sightseeing again undoubtedly.

The Hua Ning county that is Gu Tao of 59 years old to live in the lakefront that stroke celestial being cross a village, advantaged environment accomplished Gu Tao, he ever carried off 3 times “ 10 angle contest of hand ” communication angles greatly black carp laurel, be called by local villager ” of “ fishing king. Angle the 8th times in his fishing career the big fish of 30 kilograms of above. On October 24, 2003, angle one hefts 38.6 kilograms big black carp once more. What what he angles is the biggest one is the big black carp that angled 1998, weight amounts to 65 kilogram.

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