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The world angles, library of landscape of Chinese ink door
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The running water the four seasons of free from contamination is rippling Qing Bo, mallard, white Yuan, rail to the top of one's bent Xi play Yu Shuizhong; The pine green fir of full hill side the library, have feral puppy haunt from time to time forest. The cuckoo in Shilin and not famous wild flower contend for Xiang Douyan early spring, feral Chinese chestnut drives person after the autumn harvest laugh at a mouth, squashy wild persimmon shakes along with wind, shu Shufeng leaf is aflame with colour. This is library of landscape of Chinese ink door.

Library of landscape of Chinese ink door is located in Guizhou Province goosefoot to make the same score prefectural Gao Tun to press down churchyard, 20 kilometers of distance county are in. Churchyard has China's biggest natural bridge (can weigh the world according to geological expert textual research the first) , primitive zoology saves 12 dishes of whole landscape. Running water of little bridge of highway both sides, picturesque rural and geomantic, it is the travel scenery line of rare of Guizhou the eastpart part. Have regular bus many times to come and go between county and tall collect town everyday, bank of an edge reservoir arrives directly at fountainhead. 1999 only then prefectural government prepares hard build tall report drought to decide the airport. Large dams of library of landscape of door of airport space Chinese ink only the linear distance of 1 kilometre. Library of landscape of Chinese ink door is built at 70 time metaphase, reservoir is many meters 5000 long, wide place more than meters 1000, narrow place also have 500 meters, most in 30 meters, low point also has 1 meter many. Bay of bay of channel of library edge channel countless, it is the largest reservoir that Li Ping county gives priority to with irrigating. This reservoir has full-time personnel government, build 20 one's remaining years to had not dried up oneself. Put in a suitable place to breed at the beginning of 80 time silver crap, careless. Carp seedling is close 100 thousand end, did not catch nearly 10 years. The catenary fish that personnel of the canal that occupy a library says build is big already had 30 kilogram, careless, carp is close also 20 kilogram. With the Shan Xi with original intercept of earthy stone dam as a result of reservoir the brook is built, friend is feral carp, crucian carp, mandarin fish, Nian, white, Qiu of Lan Dao, river, shrimp criterion countless. The early morning of sunshine and dusk often have big fish dive to give surface to be done underwater acousticly swoosh. Annual 5 - October, turtle, chelonian is constant also haunt library edge, the early in the morning after heavy rain and dusk use bowel of duck of small fish shrimp, vivid loach, chicken, pork liver to allow to be able to catch for bait turtle and catfish. Go angling of library of landscape of Chinese ink door does not collect fees, when adventitious, person of freedom of the person that allow to angle goes. Library edge does not have shop restaurant, the person that angle needs to have the enough food, beverage, drug that prevents a mosquito and night angle indispensible article. Except January, mixed in Feburary outside December, the others time is extremely good fishing place day and night no matter. With 2. Pole of 7 meters of seas and 5. 4 meters, 6. Pole of 5 meters of hands had better be used. Before bait the Beginning of Autumn with meat or fish of bowel of duck of small fish, shrimp, earthworm, chicken bait is given priority to; In order to use noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch of corn flour, soya bean. The self-restrained element bait such as colza cake pink, fishbone pink, flour is allowance. Bait of the nest after the Beginning of Autumn uses distiller's grains of wine bubble millet, broken rice, corn, cook blossomming rice had better.
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