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The Mu Hu in contest angles rainbow trout
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Although Xinjiang rich happy city is a of saliva of motherland northwest edge small town, population does not pass 120 thousand, but go angling lover cans be found everywhere however, the reason is —— of Eden of fish with a hook and line of rich happy town thering is no lack of natural surface. Basically the Mu Hu in contest, article compares a lake, two medium-sized reservoir, 3 small-sized reservoir. Because go angling condition is good, attracted the broad fishing lover of rich happy city not only, and attracted as much come from Ma of Yi Li, carat to depend on those who wait for circumjacent adjacent ground large quantities of angling friendly.

The Mu Hu in contest is Xinjiang altitude highest high mountain is laky, altitude 2073 meters, area 458 square kilometer, lake Shui Weixian. Be in early 70 time, the Mu Hu in the contest of administrative unit —— of the Mu Hu in contest bred experiment station to put in a suitable place to breed inside rainbow trout, Siberia is Gao Bai redfish, Oriental true Bian, Beijiaeryaluo fish, crucian carp, these fish grow in cold water lake, with microbial to feed. Because lake water is clear free from contamination, so the fish grows slow, the flesh is qualitative delicate, flavour is delicious, make the object fish of go angling of numerous fishing lover.

Season of go angling of lake of the wood in contest is summerly fall 7 - September, these 3 months are the natural beauty of lakes and mountains uses the period that come back most. Go angling person what appreciated nature already is strong beautiful scene, loosened body and mind again, true kill two birds with one stone. On July 25, 1998, I and friend agree to surpass li of wooden lake go angling. Happy from rich city sets out one hour, our car arrived to angle dot, at this moment, the rising sun that rises first is hanged softly in east, a light mist in morning Europe has not drop off, saying is to angle dot, actually namely the conterminous place of prairie and lake water, clear benthic, crucian carp fish a flock of group move about is worn, the friend that takes hand pole only has been in busy left, see hand pole is cast in past water only, did not wait for a few seconds, a silver-colored crucian carp is hanged at hooking end to be swung to to disembark namely edge. We of these pole that take the of great capacity also unwilling to lag behind, after a few minutes, the bank removed rod of one smooth sea with respect to vertical stroke. Bamboo pole is showing one continuously silver-colored light below sunshine, the mood also melts in this one the natural beauty of lakes and mountains, worldly without dirt blatant, without the trouble between the world, the mirth when angling friend catchs a fish only beside and blast a bright meaning that gentle breeze sways the cheek. Abrupt, hear angle friendly big growl: “ has big fish! ” bamboo pole already showed segment of a circle, everybody before make concerted effort crowds around, take brail, carry a fish to protect, often return somebody to replace angle friend changes a hand, stroll stroll fish, this fish that watchs case to angle friend catchs is not small, through 20 come minute fight, the fish already was pulled close, fix eyes on treats everybody, it is a scarce big rainbow trout, etc copy one scale, this fish is heavy 3. 45 kilogram. Jubilation puts in calm 's charge again afterwards, everybody is full of a hope, look forward to to have oneself check mark on a big fish again.
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