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Angle even Yun Gangye catfish
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Place: Jiangsu saves cloud of fill of river of new short for the Yihe River paragraph (brake of Heibei of short for the Yihe River)

Fishing tackle: Root of 2——3 of soft fishing rod of rice of 3.6 meters of ——5.4 (the bridge can put pole but should accidentally drop rope prevents to be towed away by big fish)

A heart dropping that.30 of 7 double hook overcomes Buddhist nun of situation of Yi of rice of 3 lines 3——5. Small scissors

Bait: Of domestic animals inside bilge

Bait: Gallinaceous liver. Ovine liver. Bovine liver only beautiful

  Angle law: The diamonds that cuts bait one centimeter left and right sides swallows the bait, put away fishing rod, let bait follows water and flow. The person that angle should observe pole tip only can, see pole end or line is vibratile carry pole namely in.

Crucian carp fish angles between the fishing rod that also can deploy 5.4——13 rice (want an earthworm to make bait) results more

Have fun at angle friend is not prevented try!

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