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The brook angles good place, Fuzhou
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Fuzhou churchyard landform complex, landforms is diversiform. Vulture peak, Dai Yun two mountain ranges are inclined cut north and south, have mountain, have water, year rainfall 900~2100 millimeter, brought up a lot of mountain stream, brook. This also calculates going up is Fuzhou angles friendly good luck, need not go on a long journey, but the brook angles. The good place that lets brook of periphery of my general Fuzhou angle now makes a simple introduction.

The brook is ground after, be located in Fuzhou on the west outskirt, make an appointment with 17 kilometers from area of the Fuzhou City. Here is major brook paragraph it is completely free, the brook that is me angles advocate. The main fingerling in the brook has tiger of man of brook elder brother, wide mouth, red cat, Luo Fei, shrimp, brook to fizzle out forehead, large order young, fasten natural fingerling completely, young of downstream much Luo Fei, large order. If want to angle the brook elder brother with big bodily form, you must pay bit of footwork, along 1 hour is made an appointment with on foot by the brook, can see a chain of hole, depression, the pool is a circle of person of the oldest place of one place pool, it is the deep pool of a hiddden talents, assure to make you big brook elder brother angles satisfy a craving.

Grind a brook, yuan Minglong brook, full-length 12.5 kilometers, send source Yu Gushan, because fountainhead is rich, brook of the edge between light-year of quiet government line everywhere mill, “ grinds friend name brook ” . Brook water from time to time is labyrinthian and circuitous, straight have diarrhoea of from time to time and below. “ person goes on stone, water is in stone indelicacy ” . Cross grinds a brook too, an alley can go up hillside, stone of a millstones still is withheld by the brook, this is to turned on the water once upon a time the place of round of car, repair here rose to bar dam, make an urine warehouse. If do not want to climb, in this urine brook fish can angle in the library. If be the word that goes fishing technically, be issued to lower levels of quarry edge brook passes after the proposal angles friend takes car of special railway line bosomy mountain to terminus, the edge walks along an edge to angle, the fish in the puddle on hill is much and big, the person also is done not have so tired. Remember, must not ignore grind the small pool in the brook, there often is big brook elder brother to hide over there among them. Grind a brook to angle brook fish has been compared with fly maggot effect.

Eel brook, be located in Fuzhou east outskirt, below foot bosomy mountain, in winding number, two peaks place mountain stream stand erect, brook water defeats gorge and go out. There is one in the brook wide the deep pool for 21 meters, person dragon pool. The fly maggot that I ever used fat fertilizer in this pool catchs spend the brook enormous legendary fish with old hand.

18 heavy brooks, be located in Fuzhou Fujian to await prefectural Nantong to press down southwest ministry, labyrinthian north flows, on the way of the assemble is 18 affluent that are the same as fluctuate, friend name 18 heavy brooks. There is eel of rare bitter flower, perch in the brook, elder brother of fish of man of brook carp, wide mouth, smooth lip, brook is the common fingerling in 18 heavy brooks. 18 heavy brooks go angling suffering is spent when a lot of Taiwan brethrens in Fuzhou job, study like to resting.
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