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The brook angles good place, Fuzhou
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Pan crosses a small stream, be located in those who leave Fuzhou not far to connect Jiangxi north a mountainous area Pan crosses countryside, be apart from area of the Fuzhou City to make an appointment with 28 kilometers. This brook fastens Ao Jiang (river of another name for Taishan Mountain) genteel, basically have in the brook white Tiao, yellow forehead, river Nian, carp, belong to angle freely. Eel of flying beard of I and netizen, Lu Baobao swims at motor riding to come here during National Day angle. My colleague has angled fizzle out with earthworm bait over forehead and river Nian. Gui Huxi is an affluent of Pan Du brook, be located in Fuzhou advance to install Ou Huanxi to press down laurel lake churchyard, be apart from the urban district 30 kilometers. Brook is full-length 5 kilometers, hill green water is beautiful, the fingerling in this brook has man of fish of carp, crucian carp, red cat, boat, count with boat man among them the amount is maximum, with petty bloodworm paragraph catch boat man comes very easily, just like angle goby is euqally easy.

Peach source brook is located in countryside of brook of day of outskirt of north of the Fuzhou City, vegetation is lush, brook water is clear, climate is delightful, it is the good place with recreational travel. Peach source brook is full-length 11.6 kilometers, go here go angling must want to drive oneself. Although journey is not far, but because be dish of hill highway, need spends a many hour, drive oneself swim angle safety should notice on the road. The brook fish over there is much and big, but angle harder. The large order young in the brook compares other brook many lis.

Ju brook is located in the Ju mouth that Fuzhou always presses down before pond of the county on peaceful, be apart from area of the Fuzhou City to make an appointment with 40 kilometers. Ju brook is known as “ small ” of channel of 9 stockaded village, brook water is extremely clear, blue sky and tree shadow set off one another next showing the deep and remote blue like dream; Brook bamboo a narrow lane, noonday time sees sunlight hard also, shady and cool and satisfied. Moderate of brook water depth, catch a fish, maintain bamboo raft, hit water to battle, swim, learn Jing Fu, it is midsummer enjoys the cool be away for the summer holidays, the good place with recreational dabble. The brook fish in Ju brook is very much, main fingerling has brook elder brother, wide mouth, it is individual slant small, the proposal is used it is good to pull bait angle. There still is natural carp, white crucian carp, careless murrel in the brook. Angle friendly Dong Jingfeng catchs cross two natural big brook carp in the brook, much more beautiful than what breed artificially.

Eliminate this department, fujian awaits park of forest of country of hill of big Mu Xi of the county, banner, advance installs the day brook of the area, Shou Shanxi, always the beauty spot such as hill of the Ji Yan of peaceful county, high official position all has brook to be able to angle for the brook, have fun at angle friend mights as well come Fuzhou brook angles bout.
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