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How does ability angle in the winter fish?
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Ask: I go up in the net search article that angles about the winter is very little, I am Shandong Yantai, consult us if here wants to fish now which should angle? Aboard is good, or does bank Ji angle? Is true now air temperature low cannot fish? I angled yesterday result chelonian, the fish bites can be to go up not to come, thank you! Bow! !

Answer: Fish is very sensitive to temperature! Porgy kind the fish is in water Wen Re is low crossing 12 degrees of time base is not to start to talk originally eat feed! Have been to a winter basically into deep water nearly! Octave goes to 12 degrees between can angle snakeheaded fish yellow croaker! Arrive by April 2005 at the beginning of May I once had angled to long island fish! Temperature is octave at that time, the fish that catchs is yellow croaker (6 lines fish) or snakeheaded fish!

Ji angles Shi Reshui has more than 15 rice above greatly water is warm stabler place can try!
The boat angles the effect is met better but should notice fresh gale wave in the winter.

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