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Sail angles needle fish
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The method is: With 200 ~ 300 meters of lines, fasten 200 ~ angle the crane mouth of needle fish is hooked 300 times only, with small bamboo makes up a large bamboo or wicker basket, a careless rope is seamed in basket predestined relationship, 10 ~ are used on masterstroke after 12 centimeters long cerebral line fasten is hooked, every other 40 ~ bind 50 centimeters with masterstroke, good fasten hook one by one is inserted on careless rope, not random line, use convenient.

Angle the way is very simple also, dig the Nereid that come (Shan of Qu of sea maggot, sea) cut 0. 5 ~ 0. 7 centimeters long paragraphs small, every fishing hooks jacket a paragraph small, outfit crochet puts a line by the side of, 2 ~ add the every other on masterstroke 3 meters hang a small horniness expanded plastics to float. Go angling time had better be lunar first one, the flood of 15 around period, the 2 ~ that harvesting a quantity often is other time 3 times.

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