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How should appropriate buoy choose when hitting float
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What kind of buoy can angle fish, but think in same time the place angles more fish, choice and the buoy that adjust to suit are indispensable. Since 98 years angle after king cup, follow the lead of of a lot of people Mr. Cheng peaceful, when piscine density is big when the fish leaves a heart, perhaps adopt angle the method of float, can have very good effect occasionally, but how should an appropriate buoy choose when you know to hit float? The choice skill of the buoy when hitting float will unveil the mystery group that you did not see.

Catch the small fish with piscine particularly rapid rate, anthology bleach controversy having a place. As a whole, be those who want signal to go out is fast. Use short body thick tummy float turn over fast, this does not have controversy, controversy is in the size that float. Particularly fast fish, can use float greatly, strive for one pace to reach the designated position, angle calm layer, wait to carry pole again slightly; And with than floating lesserly, there is a fish in bleaching the process that turn over more, this kind angles law custom says to angle turn over. Actually I feel big to float small float reasonable, the key is to look float whether float to suit with yours, suit with your bait makings photograph even.

Had controlled your bait makings, arrive to certain administrative levels pulverization groove, this needs many experiment ability to master. Resemble fast winner, its pulverization itself is better, what the bait when temperature is high expects medium silk goes out is fast and much, scale of the pink that pull silk appears taller, can angle deeper calm layer. If angle at this moment shallow float, we join white of different proportional snowflake according to test case, can enhance pulverization result, make bait makings the most comfortable ought to the piscine affection when. What float angles choose to bleach end according to piscine affection even is soft hard. Pure belong to Chinese herring, turn over to angle more, multi-purpose weak remaining part; Chinese herring arrived match later period, on the fish slightly slow, had better convert hard remaining part, float to tone becomes half item or sink slowly without eye, let angle group in slow signal is taken in sinking. Actually, you float to sink slowly in what when tone floats, move, FishingThere is pole when, do not press water, of the traction as a result of you and surface ask force, also gave about angle group of one eye to two purposes flotage, angle so the group is not certain sink. This kind angles law, call angle bleach a line.

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