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Ji of northeast old settle or live in a strange place angles experience talks
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1. weather piece:
Above all! Set out in fishing previously! OK and prescient angle besides 50% .

Fishing tackle angles the group is admittedly main! But the mainest is to want to know weather first: Wind direction! Be wind- driven! Water is warm! Tide! According to what kind of weather? What kind of wind-force? And the choice angles dot! Is the water with what kind of basis warm? And how to decide to angle greatly canopy? Know tide can know when to have piscine time! And grasp an opportunity!

For example: Fishing before today briny water is warm it is 20 degrees! And fishing that day is 22 degrees! Fish this day to be bitten greatly for certain! And shallow water also is indifferent to! Angle shallowly field is OK also have angle goodly come out if really! Contrary: If fish before today water is warm it is 22 degrees! And fishing is 20 degrees this day! Angle besides too won't good! Need searchs deeper angle! Angle as far as possible a bit deeper!

Wind direction and wind-force are right angle an impact is bigger also! When wind-force is bigger! Again good angle also need with the wind and angle! Bait is hit do not go out not to say fishing! Another is to angle the mainstream is less than to go up on the group! Can leave course! won't good achievement appears!

Encounter great storms and angle to what use group also have quite big effect (stay in buoy piece study again)

Angle choose to face as far as possible when the dot in the choice south or north! Because because of,current is flood or refluent and those who form! Major place flood is water by flow eastwards on the west! And refluent it is water flow by Dong Xiangxi! Also having some of place is contrary! But can control direction to flow from beginning to end! And very few circumstance is forth or toward angle the dot emerges! Encountering this kind of situation had better be to rest! Because constant meeting is blown after all!

Master natural weather situation to be able to be opposite above all so angle besides have quite great help!

“ buoy piece ”

The usage of buoy is more complex! Because angle the environment of field! Be wind- driven! The speed of current! Angle the depth of canopy! The sort of bait! Metropolis influence uses buoy get bulk! The size of buoyancy!

Here! My theme is to angle black porgy! Narrow so limits! Let everybody angle friend compares easy understanding! Admit easily!

Be in commonly home! As a result of antarctic shrimp beg buy inconvenience! Use commonly base the shelled fresh shrimps that surrounds shrimp makes bait (can be in bait piece in demonstrative) ! Because the weight of shelled fresh shrimps is heavier! Do not raise the accord with bid of mark of 0 accord with and lightweight here so!
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