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Ji of northeast old settle or live in a strange place angles experience talks
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What I use commonly is B, 05, 1, 1.5 wait

Be in calm! When doing not have current: Majority uses B date buoy! Mix almost because of the weight of a shelled fresh shrimps B conform to! And can sink 10 meters of above! Because do not add any bite lead! When sinking so, can sink down bait nature! But this kind of state of affairs is less!

Below normal environment! Majority uses 05 buoy! The 4 less than that reach wind! Reach normal flow! Can angle the 7 depth of water to 8 meters! Angle although group deepness moves 8 meters! But the speed as a result of current! Real bait can be in 6 meters to go to 7 meters partly half wander! This is most of Chang Zhongyu angle canopy! Also be the deepness that black porgy prefers!

Additionally current perhaps angles more quickly when this big shedding, perhaps suffer when ocean wave of wind- driven influence is bigger! The circumstance uses the foundation at that time 1 or 1.5! Get control more easily so! Leave course not easily! Can angle roughly the 10 depth of water to 15 meters!

Simple think of a way! A B angles go to 3 meters! 2B angles 2 go to 6 meters (1Bx3 rice) ! Calm is not had without billow when flowing! Will angle with B 3 meters of depth of water! Wind has billow when flowing! Will angle with 3B 3 meters of depth of water! Such considerations are much simpler!

“ bait piece ”

Talk about ” bait ” first here: Black porgy is to belong to ” of ” polyphagia fish not to eat without place! General and commonly used feed at the fish of bait have: Antarctic shrimp! Vivid shrimp! Green sanded bug! Red sanded bug! Shelled fresh shrimps! Small crab! Sea bowel! Green mouth! Small testacean! Cornmeal! Corn! Watermelon! Small fish! Small 8 ungual fish are waited a moment.

In so much bait! With what should do bait ability to achieve highest result? It is difficult to say very difficult! It is easy to say very easy! Because if see fishing person fine heart,be given priority to! Note only! So called attentive the circumstance judgement that is pair of seas forbids definitely truly! Come out to want to use what bait with respect to cent here ability is effective! It is very important!

I remember the reef outside going out once fishing! In the begining whole sea mile is mud fierce (the piscine) of a kind of thorn that take poison! After a hour! Whole sea mile is yellow chicken fish! Have have greatly small! A big jin half! A few small! After two hours! Freezer is cruel full! I took 7 kinds of bait at that time! Included antarctic shrimp! Vivid shrimp! Shelled fresh shrimps! Green bug! Small crab! Cornmeal! Small 8 ungual fish are waited a moment! Exhausted a magic weapon still is miscellaneous fish! Accidental I remember taking cornmeal to be able to angle black hair! Wear on the hook full cornmeal! 9 black porgy in be being connected as a result! (But evermore! Use without giving thought to sometimes! ) conclusion is when having miscellaneous fish! This law compares a canal to use! (October arrives after May about)
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