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Ji of northeast old settle or live in a strange place angles experience talks
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Fall continuously outside reef small crab compares a canal to use! Antarctic shrimp and shelled fresh shrimps basically are in my commonly used bait! South I did not introduce class shrimp especially! Introduce shelled fresh shrimps here! Shrimp has a lot of kinds! Fishing is used had better use base surround shrimp! Because do not have the black muscle on the back! Freezer is put after the meeting when I am used uses salt and adj/LIT wide of white sanded sugar to make in! A jin shrimp is put at the same time with half jins salt and half jins candy! 23 hour hind can be used!

Night fishing majority uses green sanded worm! Balsa angles majority uses small green opening! Small crab! Small testacean!

“ bait piece ”

Angle in Ji use bait is the main tool that measures a fish to obtain a quantity, so pelagian Ji angles the bait in angling the law is reached is not divided. Make bait highest state black hair and 鱲 fish are the rock that lives in sea floor in seaming, if think sending that position bait is the difficulty that comparative and the deepness that angle canopy needs to comparative, rise and fall plus marine rock rough, it is more difficult before should send a fish bait directly. Additional, before calculating the mouth that sends black hair and 鱲 fish bait, the fish also can not eat certainly, because the fish is right what the Jing wariness of this bait comparatives is big, if plus small school a long time, the halfway before bait has not arrive at piscine canopy already was eaten off bait by small fish. Send bait so angle canopy, letting target fish take bait again is to have quite the knowledge of difficulty.

Be about to use bait so, in scattering the sea, bring the fish appoint limits, it is to need to have deep knowledge to ocean just but. No matter all try to be the first comes to big fish or small fish,take bait above all, this also is to prove bait had produced effectiveness. If want to cause the attention of black hair and 鱲 fish, make they are in deep water layer slowly swim superstratum will take bait, this is the oldest end of bait. Hold the shoal of fish of cautionary heart at first, after taking a few bait, when discover and doing not have any danger, the manner that the fish feeds bait begins insanity (contend for the circumstance that feed to fall fishily especially) , the beginning that had better angle namely right now.

Making the method of bait and turn right now, decide to angle namely the important segment of fruit, hit bait to be able to bring target fish to target area. Can bring the fish to surface to feed bait, make the state with highest bait namely. If be taken polarizing the case that lens still can see the fish takes bait, if see pale piscine abdomen white end,this is to belong to black hair, and see in the migration in water, go up black next white fingerling belong to 鱲 fish namely. See school is in surface migration, also be a kind of fun of fishing, be in midge continent region, the school that sees constantly has hidden side, red end east the fish that reach chicken.
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