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Ji of northeast old settle or live in a strange place angles experience talks
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Because hit,lure erbium, can make swim to superstratum to feed bait by lower level to school, angling canopy needs to come by dark tone at this moment shallow, add bait and bait, make piscine cent not clear, piscine opportunity becomes tall with respect to nature in, make those who angle ameliorate if really is real issue.

Oneself individual deal

Pelagian Ji angles angling the fish of the law obtains a quantity is to follow dozen of law of bait to have very big concern. Amount and lead the deal inside erbium influential outside, also be quite important one of link. The analogy says: In miscellaneous fish in more season, because miscellaneous fish is too much,make target fish cannot swim surface of before last layer. Nice perhaps not easy gift entices big fish superstratum, regrettablly bait is gone, the big fish that is enticed to come up at a draught can go entirely, regretted to also have not enough time. Measure in what this offers first so, with me myself the preparative quantity of a day of bait is in about 9 to 12KG antarctic shrimp, collect fish meal 4 reach 6 packets. Those who watch miscellaneous fish is little, will decide according to the circumstance. In summer (come by April at the beginning of October) dosage is more 18KG (12 ×1.5KG) antarctic shrimp, collect fish meal (shallow pink) 3 packets, add fish meal of 2 packets of 鱲 again additionally, 2 packets of cornmeal are usable can not use as need mothbally. But major case falls to use 鱲 fish meal or cornmeal 1 packet of departure 3 times to use each.

In wintry initial stage (come by October at the beginning of April) antarctic shrimp needs to use 12KG (8 ×1.5KG) , 6 packets of cent use collect fish meal 3 times (take its the special skill of each collect fish meal and different character) , prepare 3 packets of cornmeal additionally, use when necessary.

Begin to make bait every time, add 1 packet of shallow pink to use with the 3 antarctic shrimp to 4.5KG first, treat briny condition, the fish feeds the circumstance of bait, the case that presses different weather and air temperature again next joins the collect fish meal of other appropriately.

Bait respect prepares 2 the least, inspect take bait case and decide, open first in the morning, another stays inside freezer to keep fresh. The bait that uses surplus in the morning enters bait mix with bait inside the bucket, take out a new bait from freezer again afternoon, what just can maintain bait certainly so is fresh degree.

Miscellaneous fish a long time discovers before making bait, had better use Peng to go up water of severalfold collect fish meal increases much point. Additional, when if encounter fresh gale,making bait, the collect fish meal that should choose long shot sex is given priority to. Water is warm low when, give priority to with heavier bait, let bait can arrive at deep field directly, because at that time big fish is the key of the surface on very few meeting,be bait and bait whether together.

Told so much the heaviest if let bait diffuse in water slowly,sink, but must think way, make bait and bait are come up against one case, it is the most important to be.
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