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Ji of northeast old settle or live in a strange place angles experience talks
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Basically be most lure those who hit erbium and bait to bump, want the rate that sinks considering bait, the speed of current, this is can estimate from the character of collect fish meal. Computation is good the position that cooperates to angle group and bait enter water appropriately again, can let bait stay in bait belt the longest, such fish obtain a quantity to be able to have for certain assure.

According to how many of miscellaneous fish, and the decision infiltrates how many bait.

Seeing people fishing sometimes, hit the method of bait from him, can know whether this person fishs ace. For example: Some people, after making one bail bait, forget to be hit again when need later, perhaps hit at a draught 7, 8 bail, just hit again after half hours next, when the result goes, 6KG antarctic shrimp is still exhaustless, used an in part only, those who remain is all join sea mile, this is very bad case. Everybody writes down close bait to be hit appropriate amount is little and closely, make bait continuous bait existence is reached keep long.

Of bait making a way basically is to let a fish stand by, maintain next the place is reached in designation water layer, of bait hit cannot pass many and the time of be apart also does not want too long, the case that wants bait of disappear watching a fish and make hit appropriately. Be about to note the case in seawater additionally, the more or less will decide to make bait quantity of miscellaneous fish reachs density. Say simply, when water miscellaneous fish is little, when making 1 bail bait, the bait that superstratum fish does not take, can sink lower level, your target fish can be enticed in lower level, and below the circumstance that continueing to make bait, can will deep-seated fish, entice surface layer to come, this does not need many bait. But on the contrary, miscellaneous fish a long time, make bait of below 1 bail, already was eaten by superstratum fish, and can sink without bait at all lower level, the target fish of lower level won't stay too long, because lower big fish cannot take bait at all,this is, many proper dozens of a bit bait is like below this circumstance, let miscellaneous fish take the bait of remnant, can sink lower level, withhold lower fish to angle canopy just is highest state here.

If miscellaneous fish is honest too much circumstance plays the way to deal with a situation when much more miscellaneous fish finally, have 3 kinds of methods, can try: It is bait depart plays law, base firstly 3 times next hitting, flow originally outside hit, center a foot to fall, bring miscellaneous fish to the foot to fall, angle before miscellaneous fish 1 meter place. Use heavier bait secondly, will angle canopy moves quite dark place to be a target next. The 3rd it is the ”B plan ” that Shangmashi weighs he casts many bait into sea mile too, allow to take food by miscellaneous fish of the level, next the rest of bait can follow the place that water lower current waves to have big fish, rely on the understanding to underset again, find out further eye scalar potential. This can keep miscellaneous fish in fixed position, 2 will can angle from which again outside or rock-bottom big fish. It is easy to say to comparative, but do be not pair of underset to have the knowledge that comparative cannot. Anyhow, hitting bait to be measured to obtaining is quite important, remember please, think way, let bait and bait can bump together below surface, for the mainest.
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