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Ji of northeast old settle or live in a strange place angles experience talks
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How to decide to angle canopy

A few this years Ji angles ceaselessly new mankind is joined, make this circle lively and extraordinary, the author often is seen there always are new personality and old hand inside group of a fishing, rich and old qualifications and record of service is of course in the experience of fishing relatively superior, but this also can not angle poorlier than veteran on behalf of the new student, the key is a lot of veteran the experience that come down is accumulated in their fishing course merely, and the change that disregards new environment, this also is the indisposition that the author produced last year. And new friend fishs because of be opposite a blank, very easy contact angles newly law, reach do not suffer experience to affect and ponder attentively, make a lot of stylish angle friend angles more outstandingly.

Angle the controversy of canopy
What is to angle canopy? Angle canopy is bait takes underwater place, say simply even if angle completely the length of the group, it follows a fish swim the layer is be closely bound up. We should fish to want to know the fish can be in of course where and meeting stay in what deepness, because the fish has minute of surface layer to migrate of gender, middle-level reach stay to be planted in the fish of the bottom, each district angles dot depth of water does not agree, so we should decide object fish first, adopt specific aim strategy next. We are piscine cent water fish and heavy bottom fish first today two parts, it is namely say fish swim layer cent has two kinds, observe and study next again from surface how many, reach from benthic how many.

A lot of angle most lays piscine person, still did not realise angle canopy is reached swim the problem of the layer, they are absorbed in machine-made hang hook bait, be used to the ground to secure next angle the length of the group, ji begins to angle in devoted water. The likelihood is before this pair angles the length of the group makes him had angled big fish, use ceaselessly from this so. Need to know to calculate in same place, the sea is to change ceaselessly, direction of wind direction size, current, tidewater goes up retreat the difference that reachs temperature, this a variety of elements can change a fish swim layer. I am bold ground adduce example, the habit that everybody knows 鱲 fish is general is to rely on marine stay, but not be a lot of friends see 鱲 fish has swum in surface on steak in recent years, stay below the house of steak even, use naked eye to also can see. That everybody should believe what can fall to differ in different situation to the fish is swim layer!

We should repeat the question of fundamental sex now, be fish swim why is the layer met unpredicatable? Believe among them the influence that the mainest reason is temperature, simple for it is a fish can issue a change because of different air temperature swim layer, be insatiable person the phenomenon with think this is very normal. Should understand fish more, can know the fish also is an animal, they can seek the stay ground that suits their ceaselessly. Weather is too cold we can wear thicker dress for heat preservation, and too we also can look for shady and cool place when heat, this is the body call us proper adjustment below different situation; And piscine sidetrack, also have the function of exploration temperature, also know the sort of temperature just suits him so. And the 2nd reason that has building sex more is the lifetime that we know a fish for two things, want to breed the gender leaves generation namely, it is to seek food secondly. In summer the bait of surface expects biology is particularly much, so a lot of small fish can walk out of surface to forage, and the fish that chases small fish technically can go to off shore not far in summer water comes. Seem to swallow take the fish such as the fish, they are in the summer is very much when to chase small fish, and in off shore offing 8 manage an activity to 10 meters, this is to troll Lu Yahe Ji angles the standard angles canopy. We also are informed summer because of this to angle of water fish angle canopy. And in winter, because surface does not have little live thing to make the food of small fish, because of northeaster billowy, make go deep-sea to small fish, so the prey person of summer is changed below this kind of circumstance swim layer. There is experience in the center angle friend knows, be in actually winter small fish is not much really, so a lot of fish choose to take food in great quantities in summer only, and winter is like winter sleep same, stay in only deep-sea, little activity and little forage, with respect to this theory, we should be OK why is understanding met only to the fish such as Shi Ban can angle in summerly talent. Actually this argument can be fed from what raise steak feed a habit to understand, a lot of steak are discharged advocate meet only the ability below in summer beautiful running water can feed a fish, and feed piscine circumstance in the winter very few. This is little younger brother examines minutely professional piscicultural is discharged advocate just know, nevertheless in the center the indicating Shi Ban that only steak be used to is raised give priority to.
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