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Ji of northeast old settle or live in a strange place angles experience talks
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Of 鱲 fish angle canopy

We knew school changed below temperature swim after the layer, plus the understanding to target fish, that can be found out roughly angle the deepness of canopy. But angle in what different deepness issues us canopy also should have proper adjustment, so this print often hangs those who be by the side of the mouth is to want understanding to angle above all the deepness of field, go to angle unfamiliarly especially, must test depth of water first, understand temperature to just set those who give a pair of specific aim to angle finally again next group come out, angle especially much stay the fish at the bottom. Angle for example 鱲 fish, everybody knows black 鱲 and Hei Sha 鱲 feed Shi Bian's shellfish more, angle this kind of fish is about to angle keep to the side is mixed so more rock-bottom, although our Ji angles,have the help of bait, with respect to inferior to sex of this kind of activity fish, they leave rock-bottom time will very short. Be below this circumstance so angle the length of canopy is set to with depth of water about the same the most advantageous. And be aimed at piscine bait pink for the most part is specific gravity taller, 鱲 fish can stay naturally in benthic.

But after we know this, how to decide to angle again canopy deepness? Had tried to angle the eye scalar potential of the dot has 3 for example rice is deep, that nature angles canopy is set in 3 meters of place the idealest, but the fact is not such, because the water in ocean can have flow, and going from place to place seawater is to meet those who make us angle group cannot become fall after all continuously point-blank. Because current is mixed,want again in the deepness that canopy angles below this circumstance so place plumbic position and change length. Can set to when water rapid stream had grown 3 meters, shui Jing is in 3 meters without running water around also but. If you ask me that to not as heavy as clip lead hangs down, make bait just is in benthic, is that idealer? Then I can answer you, if so if bait is not quite natural in water, the biggest good point that loses Ji completely to angle, it is good to be inferior to hitting heavy bottom.

Additionally we can be stabilized to want bait and float naturally in benthic move, calculate very few and very few running water, we also suggest everybody is in of above angle the dot is hit angle canopy sets two meters 8 long, because sea floor has on any account to rise and fall, be equal to deepness angle the group is easier hang on sea mile reef.

And angle white 鱲 and yellow foot 鱲 can differ somewhat, because fish of these two kinds of 鱲 is,small fish can be chased in different and proper season, we can are informed from inside their dental character. Angle the 鱲 that can chase small fish is planted so, we are about to inspect the habit that they forage goes deciding to angle of canopy deep. You can ask we angle white 鱲 is to discover them to forage in the depth only all along, is an a moment ago word to there is contradiction? Because the situation of Hong Kong is more special, everybody has deny discovery white 鱲 to be able to be in only winter just can pass this harbor, it is understandable that so Hong Kong angles white 鱲 finds this in coastal waters bottom more, but if be in,differred elsewhere. And white 鱲 and yellow foot 鱲 are the fish that belongs to taller active, everybody is to be able to use bait to bring them those who leave a heart, do not believe try next time!
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