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Of the individual wild angle skill
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FishingIt is the activity with technical very high content really, want to angle good fish, want to learn a lot of knowledge, if be dilettante word,want to be less than certainly. Atmosphere, physics, chemical, geographical, the very much very much knowledge such as maths can use fish with a hook and line in the center.

Go outFishingWeather is crucial, don't you understand atmosphere knowledge to go? Waiting to not be by the blame please? Your buoy, buoyancy, water system density. Those who say is too detailed do not say. Chemical knowledge? FishingIs there is small drug? Beside me angle a lot of more friendly not quite be expert at person so had said me, this brotherFishingHave small drug, ah, what is small medicine? It is the element of a few chemistry nevertheless, the inspissation with a few organic matter body. Do not say these. 3 days of 3 night do not say. I like very much wild angle say I go outFishinga few experience give authority! The stunt of field go angling also is not what stunt actually, it is a few experience stopped only.

Weather, wind direction is the most crucial: Xia Qiu's seasonal and sultry weather is much. Should choose morning and evening to lift pole, wait for gentle breeze to sway, lumpy when fall with the wind angle; Spit day and showery afterwards, fish grab particularly feed, right nowFishing, have results surely.

Water quality, depth of water has exquisite: Water too muddyFishingBest water quality should be flaxen, there is fishlike smell in water. Xia Qiu is seasonalFishingdepth of water 3 ~ 6 meters advisable.

Select nest site seriously: When observing piscine affection picks a check must the step is fast, extend cliff stone of Xiang Shuizhong, riprap, breach, earth to wrap, there is stake, bridge canal, tree in water, the uneven place below benthic is good angle dot, want attentive alternative only, total meeting some. Notice whether these places have piscine star to break up at the same time emerge.

Canal of economy of do one's best of bait, bait uses: After deciding good nest to nod, ahead of schedule a day of will whole food cake, hemp cake, branny cake cuts the size like fist, the blockhead that use blueness is good in be being cast to the nest, the quantity is controlled in 5 kilograms, its characteristic is to lure piscine time to grow, bait is used and pink, horsebean pink adds right amount essence, white sugar smooth, fish of carp, crucian carp, bream loves to eat very much, prepare a few vivid bait additionally, offer edible of grass carp, black carp, such conferences appear the eastern side is not bright in the west bright circumstance.

Fish of pole, stroll has sinceSkill
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