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Of the individual wild angle skill
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: The fish is when absorb, have send float, heavy float, shake the cent that float, timely a pole is very crucial. After big fish is hanged, do not let its struggle as far as possible turn around to deep water flee in disorder, when it place revolve or place are not moved when, at once wire of take up rod, do not let its breath. Be in to fish of two side stroll when, pole needle is needed up take up is mobile, cannot use pole inclined tape, when retrorse stroll fish, come to piscine head turn back first again stroll, otherwise easy unhook.

The stage angles multi-purpose filament crotchet, cope with small impurities fish to have congenital advantage. Want the result that makes translate into of this kind of advantage actual, the following needs an attention.     

Above all, should use viscosity the big, side that has certain hardness kind bait, install sesame seed only every time or half gram is big one small-scale. This is to angle the key of small impurities fish. Actually, use bigger check mark, below the premise that assures greater sensitivity, very small area entices on, piscine rate also is taller in. Because of hook, plus small-scale bait group, the diameter is less than the diameter that piscine oral cavity stretchs commonly, can be held crochet needle and bait by small fish. Of course, crotchet of hook be not a patch on, and hook angles small fishhook needle needs travel of particularly sharp ability.   

Next, small impurities fish should angle below much circumstance static do not angle move. Meat of small impurities fish and fish sperm fish, fish same, special love is in of water in superstratum is grabbed feed, but their oral cavity lesser. So, hook is in motion, although used crotchet small bait, also see a fish hard bite signal. In view of this, the author just puts forward to angle static do not angle move. When need bait is moved, still want to move.   

Float greatly deserve to drop greatly: Make bait rapid sink, reduce chance of vulturine of small impurities fish.   

Use bait according to piscine affection: Bloodworm a kind bug entices, strong to the adherent force of the hook, with dipped in pink or bag bait, what can keep small impurities fish in water is medium superstratum, bait is bitten not easily also bad. But if use, is bait, that must not be used dip in pink angles, otherwise small impurities fish can make you so busy that be absorbed in going up entice. People constant piscine meat the fish also calls small impurities the fish. Piscine meat piscine mouth is cracked big, eat feed fast, make bait with bloodworm, the again small success that carry pole is gotten on rate is not high also. But crotchet face entices, angle no matter static still angle move, rate of the success that carry pole is very high. Additional

Outside, people prawn, crab a kind thing very headache. Angle do not catch again, had crab, bright red shrimp and small careless shrimp other fish dare not come again, because this had “
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