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Of the individual wild angle skill
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FishingGo up shrimp, move at once the adage of ” . At the beginning of this year June, I discovered one kind angles shrimp angles the tweak of crab, the hook is sharp can in mouth of lunge shrimp crab, not be to be hit why absolutely risk bump.   

Angle catch small careless shrimp, big lobster (bright red shrimp) , crab key has 2: It is a hook, 2 it is bait. Also include to angle acutely of course group, the assurance of the accurate opportunity that carry pole is waited a moment.   

I angle of shrimp crab angle the law is common stage angles law, move very acutely, hook after all. The hook is sleeve of bolus of gamma card at present 7 go up black with で of sea た な 6 go up black check mark. Angle with what hook a degree of finish as to other type, size, color effect how, still not be clear about at present, estimation hooks a fine, hook small, black, particularly sharp hook is better.   

Using bait is to angle the most crucial link of shrimp. Alleged send a piece of paper really, the holiday sends 10 thousand books, angle the key of shrimp is here. Must use fresh shrimp pork (small careless shrimp, bright red shrimp is OK) mix into enters right amount flour (unripe wheaten face) sufficient knead, entice become already raw meat or fish sticky and hard, go up in crochet needle only every time one small-scale, docile is held on the hook. Crab does such bait shrimp to be not taken off temporarily. Lift bait to had climbed a paragraph of distance when it, when sending in the mouth, point point, stop, translation one Duan Houxin date can be increased, carry pole instantly, as it happens is OK the mouth of the shrimp in the hook, crab. I angle with this kind of method bright red shrimp, ceng Chuang falls to carry pole 8 times to be not pulled continuously empty, have the record of 8 bright red shrimp repeatedly.   

Why so say? Float frequency is moved often pull however empty, the effect after changing the new check mark with model is changed immediately, because the hook previously is blunt,this is, appear with new fishhook sensitivity is taller. Fishhook is sharp still do not pull however on fish, change with other slant to be hooked smally, the effect ameliorated again. Because hook type is wrong,this is, big. Angle small fish entices with the face of big group, raise pole bos fish, after changing small bait in piscine rate is high, so lesser bait appears again sensitivity is tall. Thick wire and filament also have similar appearance. Here, sharp crotchet, small-scale bait and fine line appear sensitivity is tall, because they are convenient,be of the fish absorb, touch hang namely, won't surge.   

The check mark that I use now, with gamma Ka Ci is exemple. Angle hand pole, what sleeve of bolus セ , bolus and Yi beans use 7 numbers is most, the biggest do not exceed 12. チ ス hook is 0. 8 - 1 date, the biggest do not exceed 2.   

A lot of people are to be being held in the arms angle the illusion of big fish uses wide line hook and relatively of chunk bait, still having many people is to save expenditure. Normally hook of below the circumstance one pair of thick wire can use above of half an year, go angling a group of things with common features can use some 23 years on the weekend. But I should say, such doing can decrease not only angle obtain a quantity, and can drop to go up again and again greatly piscine fun. My commonly used head line, early spring is more 0. 6 - 1 . 5, xia Qiu is 1 . 5 mix 2; Masterstroke, early spring is 1 . 5 - 2, xia Qiu is 2 - 3. Cerebral line is finer change oftener, with respect to the function that can assure line, even if in early spring, the fish that copes with kilogram of just a little also be nothing difficult. Nevertheless sometimes hook is too fine too small, piscine mouth is too tender, those who hang is not a place, may cut break fish mouth to run fish. Nevertheless, filament crotchet carries pole successful rate is higher, the probability that big fish bites is bigger, this makes I have a special liking to crotchet filament all the time.   
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