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Of the individual wild angle skill
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The sensitivity expression of float is in 4 respects: The 1 , size that rinses body; 2, the line that rinses a body and exterior; 3, the stability of float; 4, the degree of finish that bleachs end. Bleach the relation of the size of body and sensitivity, say simply, it is volume is large bleach sensitivity to differ, small bleach sensitivity tall. Here, the author is mixed to the stability of float only degree of finish bleaching end makes go into particulars to the influence of sensitivity.   

The stability of float and sensitivity are a pair of contradiction. Stability floats well, should be disturbed by certain outside force (storm and fish are photographed feed) when, meeting overbalance, but can restore quickly to balance the position. Stability is especially poor float, outside force is disturbed can make the behavioral extent of float greatens, the time that restores a balance lengthens, those who make angle the hand catchs a fish hard temporarily bite signal. Accordingly, float needs certain stability. But too stable also be bad, the signal slacken that it can make the fish bites.   

A float, its stability is to get its heart (the check mark that includes to be hanged at benthic, drop, the gravity of line, bait, their action point is in bleach a foot) control with centre of buoyancy. The compounds heavy gravitational join forces effect at bleaching a foot chooses each part that the centre of gravity of float bleachs namely and action. The centre of buoyancy of float, it is the bulk center of the part in float water intrusion, be equivalent to the action point of buoyancy, of float self-prossessed lighter, deserve to be jumped over again big, criterion core is smaller; Position of the volume of the part on float is larger centre of buoyancy is higher. Such floating the heart is in on centre of gravity is falling, space of heavy centre of buoyancy is very large, stability is very good. With afore-mentioned circumstances contrary, from great, bulk small, load the float with small position of bubble of small, flotage, centre of buoyancy and apart of centre of gravity place are very close, stability is reduced, sensitivity rises. But both position also is bad nearly too. Float “ allergic ” , a bit wind blows billow to move a fish to hit a check mark, float can be moved in disorder. When both position coincide or centre of buoyancy of prep above of centre of gravity, top-heavy, float does not live with respect to the station, do not angle adult fish.   

Stability bleachs utility differently endless and identical. Shallow water, dead water is multi-purpose sensitivity is taller float; The demand of pairs of deep water, storm is great stability is higher.   

Hollow model floats self-prossessed the lightest, those who do float to be able to have very good stability commonly, but do float small can heighten sensitivity; Common softwood is qualitative heavier, float cannot do too smally, increase bulk to be able to increase stability. Plume of the Ba Ersha wood that material pledges specific gravity compares moderate, the stem pith of the rice-paper plant, peacock, join the choice of pair of different technology parameter and the work at sth with special care that watch external, float can be done so that compare each perfect, characteristic.   
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