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Of the individual wild angle skill
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Everybody knows, the float of fine end has taller sensitivity. Bleach end length of fine, unit (eye) buoyancy is small, a fishhook and the eye number with corresponding bait are more, the fish is carried up when moving bait, the eye number of rise is more. But is floating finer had been jumped over? Too fine float, carry up in the fish when moving bait, send bleach extent to greaten, but too big send float to also not was necessary, we look at ordinary times send float, 2 - 4 a list of things is enough also. Too fine float to look float bring difficulty, intensity bleaching end is reduced greatly.   

Recreational stage angles, the weight that count about the eye that float and hooks has roughly data can offer reference: Gravity of underwater of a fishhook is equivalent to 1 - 3 purpose bleachs end flotage more appropriate, such, can facilitate already view float, can get sending very well bleaching signal again. We can understand so: Fishhook size because of the fish different, degree of finish bleaching end because of the hook different. Angle big fish, with bleach end thick, angle small fish floats with fine end.   

Angle the sensitivity of the group, press the difficult easy degree that I understand even if bait is absorbed by the fish. Bait is approximately all suspension condition, the fish is photographed it is easy to feed, sensitivity is tall, conversely sensitivity is low. How change shift looks and angle eye will obtain bait to be in the different position of benthic, each the press discusses more, believe to angle friend can be solved by oneself. Angle group of acute total characteristic, besides in front beyond the logical choice hook that has told, bait, line, the suspension rate that hooks bait namely is old, the eye number that surface shows is little.

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