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How to look shed fishing?
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Ask: Master worker of old settle or live in a strange place is really hard! Explained so much to everybody! I end a few days ago child harbor in the eveningFishing, that day spring tide (15) this shedding very urgent, 2 wave add 2 water in, 5 Mi Shengen cannot stand originally, be forced to turn to most the delay on the head flows place, angle 3 pole are far, 3. 5 meters deep, on muddleheaded 5 weever () of 40 centimeter above, the 2nd day asks, other person was shedding urgent place to hit chelonian, the pipe that bait uses is fed, what reason be excuse me? Additional, you also have been to center child harbor, ask grant instruction in the evening good angle dot, angle canopy, angle group?
The thank is pulled! !

Answer: Angle black porgy has a common saying! Angle black porgy is to angle tidewater! This word is right! In the seaFishing! Most the influence angles is tide if really! Although running water of base area form is different! But roughly for: You of Chang of heir of Bi of the Ji that knock Chang hopes < drought a small tinkling bell buys  engrave on gold or silver farsighted < Po Li bad herd tells Suo Qian to breathe out Bao of mace dusk Mei to be contrary to Bao of Mei of dusk of Lan of grandma of a key to do sth of ⊥ banter farring away is contrary to " remove male of drought of dice of hanging  He to offspring wring the Lan that embed  dusk

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