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Answer piscine hook bottom to have new device
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Gorge reservoir is the natural alignment that relies on wadi, use gorge landform dam and become; Reservoir bottom landform is complex, gorge channel sole is not even, underwater concealments content is much, fish much also big also, bank of a lot of riprap, channel, deep pool waits, these concealmenting content is Nian, carp, crucian carp, yellow forehead, the optimal habitat of the fish such as snakehead. A lot of angle friend loves to choose such position to regard as angle, but hang a bottom very easily however in go angling.

Make do hang a bottom, a lot of people are to shake pole energetically, but this kind of method is not to break a check mark, break a string namely, do bad to shake fishing rod possibly still break off; that too feel disappointed. And very easy in the process that tremble walk along the piscine Jing that has been lured to enter a nest to nod. Then I enquire to many veteran, experiment in hanging a bottom for many times, have effect very much. But this method basically is to make do hang rock bottom, pour tree and careless root like underwater, polybag is invalid.

Above all, discovery is black float, not energetically raise pole, the power that uses a wrist however carries pole, fishhook has 10 centimeter in the journey of underwater enough in fish, discovering at this moment is to hang a bottom, do not use the power of small arm, the artifice also does not want thrust augmentation, stretch tight line, hold to 5-10 second, if having a fish, meet move about, immobile word, with respect to soft line, let float answer, use the flotage of float, also can break away from sometimes, stand next, the foot as far as possible forward station (should notice safety oh) , the arm extends forward side, tremble gently twice, will tell commonly can break away from. If had been not broken away from, let float be answered again, again forward side extends the arm, tremble again gently, if still was not broken away from 3 times, that is forced scrifice minor things to save major ones, angling two side seek a pointed mouth position, pull a string with the hand, gradually thrust augmentation, till pull,break child line. If pointed mouth place leaves,angle further, must want to use the word of fishing rod, must let piscine line and fishing rod keep linear pull again, ensure fishing rod is not damaged.

I made that day in the Beginning of Summer subjective the mistake that go up, was not being judged and stretch tight operate by afore-mentioned methods below the circumstance of the line, the result is in the 3rd times in the operation, begin to give a line to make an appointment with 20-30m, final big fish or You Huilong palace. Because this is correct,judgement is very important.

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