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Special rule angles crucian carp law
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Crucian carp fish is rock-bottom fish, it falls to perch in benthic cruise in normal circumstance, angle it also must angle bottom. But wait when baric, air temperature and regimen when producing change, it also is met rise arrives of water in superstratum activity, angle the bottom does not have play at this moment, must angle half water ability catchs a fish, somebody angles half water crucian carp fish calls special rule to angle law. So, when does half water angle crucian carp fish? Below for say special rule angles crucian carp law.

One, when benthic is anoxic: Frowsty hot weather of the summer, cloudy day and a kind of green tea, because atmospheric pressure is low oxygen of the dissolve in causing water is insufficient, the rock-bottom fish that lives in dissolve oxygen lowest feels afflictive, hold back is gotten confused, to live it must search dissolve oxygen relative to taller oxygen boosting layer, then, it is moved with respect to meeting upstream, be in those who feel aerobic radical instinct is him completely quite is medium superstratum water area stays. Angle crucian carp wants to search only right now accurate swim layer, can angle commonly. In addition, angle fat pond also must angle half water ability angles crucian carp fish.

2, angle when careless jab stubble: Turn green of aquatic of dusk spring season, grew tender bud and tender page, pulled out new division, grass of happy event of crucian carp fish can gather aquatic place forages and multiply unborn, and get together and do not come loose, without outside interference it won't leave easily. Angle aquatic wants to leave the check mark to careless hole, grass to seam right now in, common calls stamp stubble.

3, when surface lifts wave: Blow can make surface lifts layer upon layer wave, enlarged surface and airy interface to accumulate, not only water is warm drop somewhat, the dissolve oxygen quantity in water also increases apparently. In addition, a plankton, insect and careless seed still float on the surface that ahull mouth is in. The fish is unusually right now active, they are much more leeward the superstratum in saliva region river is removed joyous or grab feed eat. Face wind day, leeward port edge should stand to use short rod when go angling half water.

4, when thing sun shines again after rain: The sun shines again after rain a large number of dissolve enter the anion in atmosphere in water, make leap of oxygen of water system dissolve, fish from inside water of a kind of green tea anoxic the disengagement in predicament comes out, appear excited all the more, then, crucian carp fish leaves rock-bottom rise to search feed eat. After be being hooked below their move about right now, they see feed eat, first-rate angle.

5, when muddy of water qualitative change: The sky falls heavy rain or rainstorm, make water system capacity increases not only, still can make water changes by Qing Dynasty muddy, especially rock-bottom silt is much more muddy. The fish is afraid that choke won't stay in rock-bottom endure hardships, can search a bit clear water area. Outside eliminating alongshore and curved doctrine, of water in the mobile water area that superstratum became a fish, angle crucian carp fish can angle only at this moment half water.
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