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6 kinds of grass carp angle law
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6 kinds of grass carp angle law

One, cloth background check angles law: Encompass of haze of example of Zi of envy of  of approach of You of Suo  a pavilion or house on a terrace is contrary to  of plaque of  of bewildered of Da of Mu of mace of  of ⑹ of Sha of Qian of leech of source of Tu Sao of  of Bo of Qu of Tuo of  of ferociousing scar of Tuo of gate of  of Quan of bewildered  of Da of   Ge is blown to choose by You Xun of  of A Chinese-style unlined garment 2, the digestive ability of grass carp is not very strong, answer to be given priority to with soft bait, if be in deep autumn angle grass carp, should choose ripe lure or half ripe bait be about to the grass carp of heal, most be afraid of indigestion. Meet to giving birth to bait, good bait stay at a respectful distance from sb, even be indifferent to sth. When 30 ℃ above, the digestive capability of grass carp is stronger, use the good bait such as feed of branny cake bead, grain to make bait, won't have what problem. The grass carp of summer most abdomen is afraid of have diarrhoea, so, the bait of summer is close friends certainly, want fresh, want clean.

Cloth background check angles grass carp, should be certain piscine bubble makes a check, grass carp bubble is big bubble, allow legibility, although wind day, angle the nest of grass carp is nodded depth of water, should be in 1. It is advisable that 5 meters are controlled to 2 meters, from the distance of the bank, should not less than 5 meters, water became shallow close, bad to go up piscine stroll fish.

The mark photograph that grass carp bites, . Majority is bit of mark, shake sink after mark, grass carp has an edge to have the habit that the edge walks along, mark photograph identifies not hard.

2, the nest that hit grass angles law: Guan carries haze of example of Yan of  ancient name for a kind of scorpion to entangle  of an ancient drinking vessel of Kang admire  goes value of extensive of bursa of astounded of encompass of happy event of carve of Nai of close Piao of  of lens an ancient drinking vessel shows ā Yan of 4 ancient name for a kind of scorpion delays Xin Jie to be worth extensive of the cut off from that show ǎ to pledge Qian Hui loves extensive of  of bewildered bumping into Yan qualitative Qian buffalo gnat, after be being beaten in sack, knead with the hand soft. When making a check, catch every time 5 to 1 O root Duan Cao is lost cast at water water, every other is controlled 2 meters lose, till lead the litter on the fish, after the nest on the fish, but still need to continue to lose grass to protect a nest.

Angle background careless check and angle the method of float careless nest is different, angle bottom grass basically is fish of the rod that use a hand, angle float grass basically is fish of the rod that use the of great capacity. Angle the bait of bottom grass basically is green grass needle, still can use Gu Ya, tender leaf, pumpkin to spend and so on. Angle float grass basically is green grass needle. Make bait with green grass needle, can wear directly hang on the hook, also can use leather muscle line kind plunge into small plunge into, take commonly 6 to grass of 1 0 root pointed bundle up is advisable. Careless check of heavy background of the rod that use a hand, bait cannot sink bottom, and should be controlled in the around of careless nest or the upper part of careless nest. Grass carp whether to go up nest. Allow legibility, . The nest of heavy grass have broken grass ceaselessly drossy rise to surface, explain to there is a fish on the nest, next OK angling, careless bits is risen to more, explain the fish on the nest is more.
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