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6 kinds of grass carp angle law
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Surface grass carp angles in running water, want to use the sea rod of 2 meters of above, want crock; Line, plumbic dropping can be installed it is under mark end, hook end arrives object the cerebral line of the bottom is 300 millimeter about. Bait (basically be careless needle is plunged into) put from the dot that cast grass, with nest grass the dot travels together. When the fish bites, must wait for buoy to sink fish of Buddhist templeput on the brakes of pole of raise of the ability after surface, fish of Buddhist templeput on the brakes is ambitious benefit, heavy Buddhist templeput on the brakes.

3, suspension angles law: The in suspension that says here angles law, it is to point to not the bait of cloth nest is funny angle law, the pole that use a hand, sea pole can angle, basically be to use weak check mark to angle grass carp. Suspension angles the law compares grass carp of the rod that use the of great capacity to have more advantages with hand pole, hand rod uses object of rod of body comparing sea object body wants light, when approach casts a hook to entice, can lower Jing fish rate. Suspension angles law majority uses the long rod of 7 meters of 6 rice, above, radius of the fish on raise pole is big, flexibility is good, can rise on piscine rate. Suspension angles the law angles grass carp, yao Junshun wind or side are downwind.

4, long pole is long term heavy bottom angles law: Basically use at angling big grass carp (also can angle) of big black carp. If water system is medium school is sweeter, it is normally need not of cloth nest, basically rely on bait to lure angle. With 6 rice, 7 meters Ji fishing rod or hand pole, configuration closes put the gear yamen runner with agile line annulus, circle about a hundred meters long term, plunge into hook directly with masterstroke, hook end arrives object body brain line is long for millimeter of 80 ~ 1 20, drop to overcome the left and right sides for 2—5 about again, far cast still can accentuate. Basically use the bead of big branny cake of 10×20 millimeter above, the diameter is 10 millimeter, length makes bait for the big grain of 20 millimeter above (late autumn can use the ripe grey aspect with strong stickiness to make bait) , this is a kind of model is slow angle law, also be to suit to angle big grass carp angles quite law.

5, string together a hook to angle law: Use string of hook to leave bottom grass carp, can angle dead water, also can angle running water. Angle dead water can use good bait, relatively bait, bug bait. Angle running water basically uses careless bait. Use string of hook not to angle go up sometimes grass carp, majority and drop to was not wrung too gently with masterstroke close about. And the hook bait of scamper slip hook is in object besides body, it is open, the fish bites to pull string of the belt after dropping first, masterstroke has a bit lax, won't the fish on the influence.

6, scamper slip hook angles law: Previously, scamper slip hook angles one kind only law, it is soft bait angles law, now, scamper slip hook became much one kind angles law, it is good bait angles law, can catch grass carp comes likewise. But, relatively bait angles angling law and good bait angle the law is returned is some differ. Soft bait angles the law can angle the nest is lured, and good bait angles the law is to cannot be accomplished. Scamper slip hook angles with good bait grass carp, be won't dispersive school, hang in the bead of big branny cake on the hook and big grain feed, random is cast cast in where, become a nest impossibly, impossible also involuntary discharge of urine falls more bait makings. Use good bait bait to amuse angle law, make scamper slip hook angles the law becomes more free, more convenient. Notable is, angle with good bait grass carp, do not finish crochet needle too severely, should prevent good bait to obscure hook a needle and prick bos fish mouth, create empty check mark.
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