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Work of develop of fish of whole nation of Chinese fishing net criticized exampl
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Regard fishing as the important composition of culture, piscine develop art is being paid close attention to, in the world, the development of piscine develop blame with Japan the strongest, the fishing culture industry that has made a kind of art and economic photograph tie. Be in our country, piscine develop lover is increasing also, and many piscine develop work had reached very high level.

The fishing culture industry that China angles fishnet devotes oneself to to drive China for years grows, organize count in succession second internationally Yu Tawen turns communication and activity, the piscine develop to our country went to positive effect since development.

To make the piscine develop career of our country has an environment that can last and atmosphere, and promote the communication between lover of develop of our country fish and lover of international fish develop further, develop of Chinese fishing netting can decide to hold "2007Year appraise through comparison of develop of fish of whole nation of Chinese fishing net " activity.

One, Origanization construction

Sponsor an unit: Limited company of culture of Beijing Jin Yida fishing
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