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Jiangsu province the Huaihe River installs city to hold piscatorial administrati
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Recently, jiangsu province the Huaihe River installs city fishing politics station organized administration of whole town fishery to execute the law groom class, this city is various fishing politics orgnaization 54 fishery execute the law staff plays groom. Groomed main content is piscatorial administration investigation of contamination accident of condemnatory program, fishery and processing, fishery vessel check and fishing port supervise solid Wu.

The Huaihe River installs deputy director general of bureau of city pasturage aquatic product to Shi Jianhai attends a meeting and deliver a speech, jiangsu saves fishing politics total fleet Shi Fujin of assistant total team leader is made arouse speech, summed up complete 2007 province fishing politics works, analysed current fishing politics the situation that working surface faces and task, introduced to saved point of fishing politics job completely 2007, install city fishery clerical work to raise a requirement to the Huaihe River. Jiangsu fishing port supervises the deputy director general in bureau Chen Yao to attend a meeting the member that it is student gives lessons, explained fishing port to supervise solid Wu, cai Guanhua section chief is tuitional fishery vessel ship examines solid Wu and certificate fill in, the deputy director general in Chen Yao still chaired check of fishing inspect boat to learn interlocution to meet. Interlocution is met on, student quizs eagerly, the teacher is wonderful reply, atmosphere is very enthusiastic, get good study result. Groom the class invited Suzhou city fishing the Yin Wei of politics station, Zhang Jianyang two deputy stationmaster, part the content such as the standard of investigation of tuitional fishery contamination accident and processing, writ that make, introduced Suzhou administration of advanced area fishery executes the law the job especially experience of success of job of mediate of piscatorial contamination accident and practice, student people be benefited blame is shallow. Groom through this, the Huaihe River brings city recognize of fishing politics personnel situation, found difference, established confidence, increased capacity, drive the Huaihe River effectively to install city fishery administration to execute the law the enterprise develops ahead.

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