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Fishing 4 gist
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The novice learns fishing is very the business that makes a person excited, consult everywhere, examine a data everywhere. Want to become veteran to come with respect to what have one situation only. First fromChinese fishing netLearn
Fish 4 gist:

Had chosen angle choose accurate bait

Practice of equipment good fishing tackle is good angle ability

1. choosing is good angle often be the key that has harvested. Often be in same a water area, the fish on some places is very fast, some places are very long bite a check mark, angle undeserved often be one of reasons. Had chosen angle main by experience. The fish has fishway, namely its often processional method, dwell gets together to also have his habit. Popularly says, natural water area, if pond, brook, laky, river is waited a moment, should choose to have the check mark below place of aquatic, arundinaceous. Or beside the tree, below crooked tree, near riprap, pileGo angling, these often are fish the place of assemble. The aquaria of artificial mining is commonly square model or rectangle. Say normally: “ is long angle waist, just angle horn, round pool angles central ” , although blame is absolutely, but the summary that also is experience. In fact, artificial aquaria is fed is the easiest near makings stage build up the place of school, feed the around of makings time especially, truth not character is axiomatic.

2, choose accurateBait. Basically show angles fingerling likes eating food most. Be likeCrucian carp fishat earthworm, red bug, Carpat corn face, Grass carpYu Luwei core and locust, the Yu Haican of mullet, of Luo Fei fish wait a moment at shrimp. The synthetic bait stuff that there is what make up scientificly to be liked in the light of different fish on the market is very effective also. But experience according to the author, the bait that swallows the bait the most easily expects, place of nothing is more... thanFishingThe pond often feeds bait makings of the fish. With will soak close with agglutinant better cooked wheaten food, often be school loves to grab the bait stuff that eat most. Anyhow. Angles fingerling and its characteristics must be understood before go angling. If not be clear about, can take stuff of a few kinds of bait more, when arriving, choose.

3. equipment good fishing tackle. The preparation of fishing tackle also must angle in the light of place place and fingerling, size chooses meticulously. It is clear to had better understand beforehand. Be like termless should consider a variety of possibilities, prepare a few kinds of different fishing tackle appropriately.

4. practice is good angle ability. Include climate, wind direction, angle all sorts of law, skill, can consult others more, read a book, but the most essential still is practice.
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