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Fishing looks for a fish first
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WantFishing, be about to find a fish first. So how will search? Saw the analysis below I think about the same also, suit very much wild those who angle oh

1 should see surface ~

Want to see surface whether big fish skips above all carp giving ~(loves to skip toward surface very much ~ now and then grass carp also can skip) grass carp is fast on surface had swum the be inning that ~ can see a Shui Bo is fast surface has swum ~ surface Ping Rujing

The 2 color ~ that should see water

Water of a lot of ~~ spends the fish inside the water of delegate of water of muddy of ~~ of good ` one should not demand absolute purity that adage says clear is not to have little ~~ of fish or fish to fit the water description of go angling in ~~~ of the go angling in channel river more many lis of virescent ~~~ baby blue or lubricious ~~~ of light greenish blue if aquatic, if water is shallow,wait without duckweed aquatic again concealment the shadow ~~ that ~~ fish sees person and fishing rod easily dare not come round to photograph bait ~~~~

The 3 bleb ~(that should watch a fish this bit of very important ~ )

Bleb is fish breathes ~ to forage the amount of reflects fish go from place to place with bubble ~~ bleb ~` of directional ~ breed that ~~ moves dirt or spits from piscine mouth the piscine star that the phyletic and different ~ of the fish of important sign ~~ of discretion of density of ~ size ~~~ appears is different also ~~

The piscine star of crucian carp fish: Bleb is petty and concentrated ~~ one successive two or many ~ size is basic and same ~ sometimes one greatly the bit of fish of crucian carp fish that the size ~50 that the size of bleb of one small ~ decides crucian carp fish overcomes is fine if gram is big,piscine star has the fish of big crucian carp that ~500 overcomes like horsebean

The piscine star of the carp: Bleb becomes small ~~ of round ~ large volume successive tens of risk ~~ up at the same time bleb of continual forward and mobile ~~ jumps over big ~ to explain the carp also jumps over big ~~~ more more

The piscine star of grass carp: Bleb is more than the bubble of crucian carp fish and big ~~ but what be inferior to a carp again is much and the ~~ that become a group risks 9 bigger bleb ~~ to risk a few small bleb ~ in succession thereafter first commonly

4 should see aquatic ~

There is anhydrous in seeing water careless long aquatic giving ~~ is fishy the trace ~~ that little ~~ feeds little ~~ of careless sex fish to see aquatic if aquatic head is misshapen careless bine of not neat ~~ floats ~~ shows fish of the sex that eat grass is more ~~ is desert ~~~ makes clear a fish a lot of ~~~

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