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Fishing looks for a fish first
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5 should see water lukewarm ~

The quantity of heat of water basically originates the influence ~ water that the change of difference in temperature of the water of ~ of sun radiant energy of surface gets air temperature lifts lukewarmly and reduced slower than air ~~ to form water as burning hot as the difference ~~~ of air temperature midsummer

Fish grow the optimal water of go angling is warm it is ~ of ℃ of 15 ℃ ~30 in fish of the ~ inside this water lukewarm limits active ~ appetite is exuberant ~ angles easily devouringly ~ if water is warm under 5 ℃ or prep above 30 ℃ fish seldom forage mobile ~ shoulds not be

~ of flavour of water of 6 important news

The wind that Wen Yiwen blows from surface has the local ~ that ~ wants leeward opening before go angling not to have fishlike smell ~ or hold water Wen Wen in both hands to have with the hand jump over ~ without fishlike smell of fishlike smell ` , the bubble that the mucous secretion that shows school stays forms jumps over much ~ fish to also jump over much ~

7 should listen underwater acoustic ~

When the person that has experience of certain go angling knows ~ basis fish is bouncing, accompany attack underwater acoustic the phyletic ~ that ~~ can judge piscine affection and fish listens fish browse the “ that the sound of ” of “ Ca Ca that give out and big fish chase small fish to give out plumps ” sound ~ is phonic

8 should see a bank have without ~ of small fish activity

If the bank has ~ of move about of small impurities fish to also have other fish ~ the fish of other of small fish much ~ much also ~ is OK go angling ~

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