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How to catch a fish in summer much
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FishingNot, the fish that always thinks oneself is obtained many what compare others, how can just accomplish in the summer with torrid weather so than by the person much, actually a few the following detail need to notice:
“ summer arrives, the fish angles hard ” . After the Beginning of Summer, enrage lukewarm heighten by day, fish enters growth period, appetite is exuberant. Because air temperature, water is warm taller, the summer is not the best season of fishing, also giveFishingThe person increased certain difficulty. But mastered a fish the life rule in the summer, do sth in the proper way of together with go angling, still can accomplish a fish full basket. Many summer angle adage, carry out card to understand summer to be able to angle the scientific reason of fish, much fishing. 

“ angles early the sun is red, angle chicken is entered late basket ” . This angles adage says is summer those who angle is optimal morning and dusk are when angling. Because of in the morning 9 when before, air temperature, water is warm it is commonly between 30 ℃ of 20 ℃ ~ , be a fish have the optimal water that feed lukewarm. Right now fish appetite is exuberant, forage everywhere, like to dine to bank “ especially ” . Afternoon 4 when later, the sun on the west inclined, glowing degree is decreased greatly, air temperature, water is warm drop, fish premonition after deep water rests the arrival of night, swim to the bank to forage from deep water in succession. Of summer midday is to angle hard commonly of the fish, because air temperature, water is warm too tall, fish swim to “ of deep water area to be away for the summer holidays ” goes more. Reason angles adage cloud: “ morning and evening angles, come home eat the three ten-day periods of the hot season of intense heat of summer of ” , “ to angle ” of morning and evening, “ angles rather morning and evening momently, do not angle midday a long time ” , “ is earlyFishing, angle late shrimp, angle midday a toad ” . 

“ summer angles summer angle, nightly better than by day angle ” . This angles adage is to say summer fishs, nightly better than by day angle. Because arrived in the evening, lukewarm, air temperature all is in water 30 ℃ are the following. Because fish has,be afraid of the alarm, characteristics that is afraid of strong light again, nightly interference is little, the light is weak, together with is nightly and cool, grow in quantity of the oxygen in water of late wind whiff, fish carefree, be at ease bold swim to the bank, look for seek food. Night angles, outside removing the fish that can angle by day, still can angle wait for carnivorous sex fish to fish of catfish, mandarin fish. Night angles, avoid suffer by day the suffering of high temperature insolation, cool breeze makes popular feeling swings a god happy, experience by day the god-given fun of widely different, it is the enjoyment of a kind of life simply.

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