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How to catch a fish in summer much
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“ barley is yellow, fishing is busy. This angles adage says is summer angling optimal season. Around of Grain in Ear, when barley is mature, just about summer angling optimal season. Because of the fish copulatory, after laying eggs, need a large number of compensatory nutrition, have to photograph in great quantities feed, everywhere move about, search everywhere feed. This season all sorts of fish swallow the bait easily, especially the carp is good all the more angle. Reason angles adage cloud: “ barley beard must shine, the carp alls over channel to put. ” 

“ summer angles shade, summer angle deep, not cold not hot angle Bian Bian ” . What this adage says is summer those who angle is optimal angle. Summer angle shade. Because summer is angry Hou Yan is hot, sunshine is point-blank, to water Wen Ji is sensitive fish, also hide in deep water and the place that have shade of a tree, slope shade, water and grass to enjoy the cool right now, paddle, forage, assemble perchs. Reason angles adage cloud: By “ aquatic, below shade of a tree, summertime fishing is not put empty. ” summer angles deep. Enter summerly hind, temperature of shallow water area rises when the appropriate temperature that exceeds fish life, fish turns into deep water move about by shallow water, forage. Because of depth of water lukewarm change of 1 meter of the following water is slow, difference in temperature of day and night is small, so broiling white, fish likes to be in mostly 2 - 3 meters deep water place forages, incident is alleged angle deep, not be deeper better. Not cold not hot angle Bian Bian. Summer, air temperature is not high, water Wen Kuo is spent, fish swim to the bank to forage from deep water place, reason angles should choose to be in bank, decharge. 

After “ thundershower, ” of fishing bumper harvest. This angles adage says is summer angling the best weather. Summer, after thundershower, cool and delightful, the temperature in water drops apparently, the oxygen in water is enough, erode on the bank the food grow in quantity that come down, fish move about, forage very active. If be below pond, laky, reservoir,angle, fish swallow the bait again and again. If be below river, brook, river,angle, want when when removing water, just be the inning of fishing. Reason angles adage cloud: “ heavy rain puts light after rain of good fishing ” , “ afterwards, smooth ” of fishing celestial bodies. 

“ floods angle bayou, fall into water angle deep pool ” . This angles adage says is summer angling regimen, angle. Because flood when, have water area of a large number of new water infuse, water level rises quickly, a few have against the current to contend for swim the fish of characteristics, borrow machine against the current and go up, embrace take to water inlet. Wrap hold something under the arm because of new water again broken bone of egg of all sorts of seed leaves, insect, bug and its debris, bring fresh cate for fish, prevail on fish is near water inlet try to be the first is seized feed. But when fall into water, water level happening drops apparently, the water of shallow water area is not deep, fish without hideout, especially feral big fish vigilance is very tall, show panic uneasiness more, escape in succession alongshore area or direct current and below, conceal seeks food in Yushen pool. Reason angles adage cloud: “ water inlet, ” , “ goes to flood on the fish angle decharge, low water angles deep pool ” , “ floods angle bayou, fish love swims toward here ” .

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