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The introduction of go angling foundation
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1. angles

Angle an option is very important. Angle with the pool for exemple, have a common saying: “ Fang Tang angles horn, long pond angles waist, round pond angles in the center of. ” of course, experience is not certain every time effective, the pound that raises artificially especially is returned with cast makings habit to concern, fixedder dropping material point often is the place that school builds up, dropping makings time especially paragraph, the fish produces a condition to reflex, swim to forage in succession, accordingly, if ask Qing Dynasty which are beforehand,drop material point and time paragraph, won't hit again battled off hand.

2. Bait makings

Bait makingsIt is a fish the key that swallow the bait. Wang Huade introduces, bait makings is divided commonly kind, bait of sweet bait, raw meat or fish and bug entice, bug bait content is low, suit abecedarian to use. And at present fisherman chooses finished product lure commonly, configuration is scientific, price is not high also, can buy at will on the market.

3. Weather and fishing

FishingStill having affinity with weather, some people look seem lot not beautiful, actually is to did not master water the relation of lukewarm, baric, wind direction, season and weather condition. Cite a simple case, leave when Chun Nuanhua, water is warm in 8 ℃ - when 25 ℃ are controlled, piscine assimilation and photograph feed ability stronger, the fish bites easily also; And water is warm 30 ℃ above or when 4 ℃ are the following, piscine or forages involuntarily, or enters deep water to be in live through the winter, angle very hard. Say for example, usually, blow the northeaster under 3 class, east wind, southeast wind, be being returned by day no matter is night is helpful for fishing; And blow south wind or southwest to go against fishing, additional, no matter what wind direction, wind-force achieves 6-7 class above, go against fishing.

Go angling equips

Angle with fresh water for exemple, the price that a common fish with a hook and line equips is controlled in 1000 yuan. Normally, equipment cent angles box, fishing is protected (basket) , pole is wrapped and angle group form.

Fishing tackle also says to angle group, include pole, line, float and hook, the choice of fishing tackle has knowledge greatly:

1. Pole

Fishing pole is divided commonly by quality of a material for pole of glass reinforced plastics and carbolic pole, former advantage is low-cost, tenacity is good, defect is lay particular stress on; Latter good point is pole body light, dan Ren sex is bad, yi She; Popularity is compared to mix the rod that makes by afore-mentioned material on market at present. In addition, the length of pole also has many type, differ to 6.3 meters from 3.6 meters, northward fresh water angles the commonnest is 4.5 meters pole, but the organizing committee when playing the game uses pole to have specific provision to the player commonly.
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