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Lu Yadiao introduction
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Begin to learnRoad inferior, should purchase a way first of course inferior equip. Just a little of smooth big deeply touched 100 yuan, expensive 600 reach more than 1000 yuan to have. As to piscine shark, big deeply touched of Size of the shark in can buying general fine shark to come is 2000, 2500 or 3000, price is same Feng Jian by the person, but if target fish is the weever of 5 jins of above, should be with the 3000 shark to 4000 Size fiducial. Basic equipment of Lu Yadiao is pole, shark, line and road inferior, say pole above all, abecedarian should use helper rod (namely) of straight shark pole, can buy the 6 carbolic pole to 9 呎 to be a standard, is there 冇 sign? Feng Jian by the person.

Line can use 4lbs, the nylon line of 6lbs or 10lbs, thought of innocently with too thick masterstroke,  of begin to learn but need not child line, of Lu Yadiao child the line is thick those who pass bus bar, the purpose is spent generatrix angle force and the effect that have buffer, still have, road inferior mix less greatly of line thick young  becomes direct ratio, namely Lu Yayue is big, line is wider, line applies orange, purple or green, do not use transparent line, because lose sight of line and road inferior cannot gift road inferior right movement will lure a fish.

Buy a way namely finally inferior, road inferior design by tens of thousands, should buy appropriate really not easy, here I give everybody a few opinions, play a way in Hong Kong above all inferior target fish cannot leave a few kinds, perch, shark, eye fizzles out and Shi Jiu. . . . Should be aimed at 牠 so people swim layer and character will buy, weever swim the layer is very wide, by low to the face possible, should buy float to buy heavy way again so inferior, respecting color, a lot of people say the small fish holiday of red head white body entices to must be fed most, pretty good, but the color that must feed not merely this, still have green back red-eyed wait with violet back white abdomen. . . . . . . Inspect target fish size as to size, it is peaceful big Mo Xi normally, big deeply touched 12 the road to 16cm inferior, in the bag mount writes  F or S normally, f namely (Float) float, s namely (Sink) or (Suspend) is heavy, to go up year of very popular shark fish, go up actually year shark fish belongs to juvenile, content people because be brought up,be met and have different way inferior, remember 牠 people be obliged 20 to 25cm when most happy event take iron piece, arrived after Over30cm right iron piece carry do not have interest, use the 4 small fish to 5cm so road inferior, with argent or of white best. Eye is yellow, one kind rests the another burgeoning fingerling after piscine period, it is Lu Yadiao's very good adversary, eye fizzles out to migrate in middle-level mostly, use heavy means so inferior make do, but sometimes if water is not deep, brush spray (the choice with Popper) right  , color spends Yu Wen with mackerel or grain of sanded pasture fish is chosen to go up, it is violet body or green body road next inferior, big deeply touched is used 9 to 14cm but long shot had better.
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