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The stage angles make way of brood of the ability that lure a fish commonly
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The stage anglesThe common method that lure a fish has the following kinds: 
One, trends lures piscine 
A lot of kinds of fish love to eat “ to feed ” alive, the stage angles use this one characteristic of the fish, operate bait into the condition that keeps be being moved, so as to lures a fish. When casting bait, cast bait to the ultima Thule of pole ledger line, small bug resembles after bait enters water same leisurely shakes shake to swim in the “ in water ” , swim to go angling dot from the dot that enter water. Entice next Tuo craze, diffuse, pulverization. After pulverization, powder is angling like countless small bug the “ nest of the dot child the “ in ” flutters ” , bring a fish to take bait.

2, withBaitFor bait 
If the fish in water is very dense, and appetite is very exuberant, big check need not be made when go angling, went with bait acting bait only. The method of ” of “ bait acting bait is: Cast bait to fall well and truly to be being nodded into water and angle every time on the dot, pass 9 minutes to raise the check mark since pole (no matter whether the fish eats hook) , shake off bait in conciously angle on the dot, let its pulverization serve as bait. Such times that cast bait are more, angle the dot accumulates bait increasing, nest child bigger and bigger (of course the fish also should eat off) of one part bait. If often Pisces swallows a hook to angle a Pisces, the fish in showing a bend is very much, need not be eager to casting bait in great quantities surely, still can reduce bait to gram kind or the size like rice. But also answer right now because high vigilance entices too small fish is met “ disband ” and swim toward him to be in. Want to notice the “ that add bait leaves piscine ” . 
“ takes the place of with bait the law making a check of bait ” is to be in fishpond is the most commonly used angle law. Its difficulty has 2: 1. Quantity of water of bait makings mix into wants measurable, if too wet, tuo of the bait when casting bait is in easily fall off on the way; If too dry, after entering water not easy pulverization, wasteful time. Abecedarian should “ Ning Gan not wet ” . 2. Cast bait to fall into water dot must accurate, must cast every time fall in same on the dot. Most avoid east a few Tuo on the west a few Tuo. Abecedarian must learn frequently to practice hard. 
3, heavy bait hits nest 
General fishing tournament prohibits weighing bait to make a check, more in allowing to hold bait into big Tuo to throw water with the hand, because such meetings affect another person. But actually, going up below the case with piscine not quite good case, making heavy bait big check often is appearing in the match. Because entice,Tuo comes loose more greatly, more loosely, easily, when casting bait, need not need from “ ” of farthermost the dot that enter water enters water. Can gently from angle the perpendicular dot of the dot enters water. Fall into water after the bottom, tremble instantly medicinal powder make its pulverization. Every time before go angling begins, can cast on a few Tuo to become a nest, in go angling road, can inspect piscine condition at any time ” of “ filling nest. It is usually when the fish is little multi-purpose bait, piscine a long time uses bait less. Should go up when piscine rate decreases apparently, the bait in making clear a nest is too little, should fill in time bait tarry fish; Maintain continue fish. 
Of the quantity that cast bait how many, those who cast bait is diligent with idle, it is “ the key that makes big check ” also is difficulty. Cast little, barratrous, lure do not come fish, do not keep a fish, wasted valuable time and opportunity for nothing; Cast much, too diligent, bait makings is superfluous, bait flooded bait, the fish eats bait not to take bait only, put through waste bait makings for nothing, oneself are more of a hindrance than a help to him “ ” . The dosage that “ weighs bait to hit nest ” to entice needs fibrous root occupies piscine affection to be fathommed cautiously, never abuse blindly, must master good proper limits for speech or action.
4, funny lure 
When the fish in the nest already a lot of, however piscine attention is centrally however on bait, be fond of bait and bait gets desolate when, when —— fish star runs rampant to take a check mark without the fish however, or because benthic is silty more when often flooding bait, can amuse the ” that lead a way to make do with “ . Its provide gymnastics to make a method is: After bait falls into benthic, pass a few seconds, mention pole, ten centimeters are pulled after, make float ascendant just a little looks, put down next reductive. Pass a few seconds again, mention pole again, put down …… to undertake repeatedly again a little while too. Make bait beats in benthic like small bug. The fish discovers easily necessarily, once discover, thinking is to be fed alive, can give a hot pursuit grab swallow. 
5, dog the  that make a check
WeFishingOften encounter such situation: Waited after benthic makes good check very long do not have piscine make inquires; We often also encounter such phenomenon: Some angles the dot hits brood of fishing in the morning, the effect quite beautiful, the fish swallows the bait again and again, can arrive the fish is smaller and smaller midday, until disappear from the scene completely. In using many good bait to also cannot call out the fish a nest. Where did the fish go? The change of  weather, change with warm water, change of dissolve oxygen waits natural ingredient a moment to often affecting the change of piscine affection. The fish is in benthic, be by no means invariable. The condition of where suits his life most, run toward where. If the fish is absent rock-bottom, probable be went to middle-level, superstratum or other a bed of down. Already left when the fish when rock-bottom den, the inexperienced person that angle does not know absently, adherence however position is old wait, waste time for nothing, honest regrettablly. And the whereaboutldirection that the ace of experience judges a fish with respect to ground of can rapid acumen, know the administrative levels that the fish migrates or place well and truly.
Then the skill that prompt use “ tracks the ” that make a check. For example, if discovered the fish is in the middle-level of water, pull float downward instantly, make fishhook upgrade is carried, shake a few round bait in middle-level, collect the fish in the nest, angle in middle-level next.  makes the bait material of the nest in middle-level or superstratum, should choose the powdery makings with smaller proportion. The time that such bait makings keeps in the medium, superstratum of water should grow some. 
6,  of nest of the change that move a fish
Fishing tournament seeks rate, accordingly, as long as likely, angle the hand can bring piscine “ into play ” to angle to the middle-level of water very to superstratum as far as possible, with spare time. Specific course of action is: In background check above, the middle-level of water, make good check with lighter bait makings and stop rock-bottom bait makings, the fish can rise to middle-level. At this moment, angle the hand can make the best of time to angle these fish, in order to seize get victory benefit. 
We say to hit a nest to lure a fish is a difficulty of angling a technology, its reason has 3: 1. The choice of bait and allocate and its light, heavy, dry, wet, sticky, medicinal powder, big, small wait for a respect to answer as far as possible appropriate and measurable, reach the level of work at sth with special care almost; 2. Should be good at deciding according to affection of weather situation, regimen, fish bait is reached lure angle method; 3. Lure, angle technology must accurate and skilled.

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