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Summer fish life rule
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Angle the morning of time summer, air temperature is in commonly 20 - 26 ℃ , water is warm be in 22 - between 30 ℃ , this is a fish have the optimal water that feed lukewarm. Tian Gangliang, hydrophyte undertakes photosynthesis by instead of the oxygen in beginning to absorb water and give off oxygen, baric and elevatory. Right now fish appetite is exuberant, forage everywhere, swim to the bank to undertake “ breakfast ” in succession. Because the morning is cool, wen Kuo of air temperature, water is spent, fish forage active, angle easily. Summertime dusk, namely afternoon 4 when later, the sun already on the west inclined, air temperature drops, water Wen Ye as drop. Fish after deep water area rests, premonition the arrival of night, watch water already began cool, swim to the bank to undertake “ dinner ” stage by stage from deep water area in succession. Right now, fish forage active, easy swallow the bait. Reason angles adage cloud: “ angles early the sun is red, angle chicken is entered late basket. Morning and evening of ” , “ angles, come home eat. The three ten-day periods of the hot season of intense heat of summer of ” , “ angles ” of morning and evening.

Of summer midday, it is to angle hard commonly of the fish. Because air temperature, water is warm too tall, aerobic lack, burning sun high above in the sky, scorching, shallow water area exceeded a fish the appropriate water of the life is warm, fish swim to “ of deep water area to be away for the summer holidays ” goes, the bank does not have a fish, does how could angle fish? ! Reason angles adage cloud: “ angles rather morning and evening momently, do not angle midday a long time. ” time is goodFishing, unfavorable middayFishing, this is common law. But also have exception, be like plum rains weather, wen Ye of air temperature, water is not tall, still can fish. Be like farm of water adj/LIT wide again, here has rich food. Be like weather of thunderstorm weather, overcast and rainy again, or south, boreal air current disturbs weather, some fish take a check mark the most diligent, good all the more angle. Although be in of scorching sun high above in the sky midday, some fish are more high temperature resistant, also agree to take a check mark. Reason angles adage cloud: “ early fishing, angle late shrimp, angle midday a ’ of ‘ old bastard (soft-shelled turtle) . Eat when ” soft-shelled turtle is burning hot midday feed the most exuberant, “ angles old man ” can install a few pairs of balsa pole or insert pole, let a fish oneself swallow a hook, pole closes to take a fish when the dusk.

Angle deep shade angle adage cloud: “ summer angles deep. ” enters summerly hind, temperature of shallow water area rises when the appropriate temperature that exceeds fish life, fish produces shallow water area to turn into move about of deep water area, forage. Because water is warm under rice of 1 of depth of water change is relatively slow, difference in temperature of day and night is small, so broiling by day, fish likes to be in mostly 2 - cool ” of 3 meters bright of “ of deep water place, forage, reason appropriate angles deep. Summer angle deep, not be water has been jumped over more greatly. Exceed the deep water of 6 meters of above, illumination is insufficient, the amount that contain oxygen is small, natural bait makings is indigent, fish do not like to perch to here, forage.
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