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Summer fish life rule
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Summer angle shade enrages Hou Yan to heat up because of summer, sunshine is point-blank, to water Wen Ji is sensitive fish, also hide in deep water area to mix right now the “ other shade of a tree, slope shade, aquatic enjoys the cool ” , paddle, forage, assemble perchs. Reason angles the dot should choose screen by shade place, aquatic. Reason angles adage cloud: By “ aquatic, below shade of a tree, summertime fishing does not come to nothing. ” the water quality with respect to go angling water area, the water quality that also should choose Hei Yinyin leaves a check mark. Reason angles adage cloud: “ spring angle deep, winter angles clear, hei Yinyin of water of pool of summerly autumn go angling. ”

When summer floods, have water area of a large number of new water infuse, water level rises quickly, a few have against the current to contend for swim the fish of characteristics, borrow machine against the current and go up, embrace take to water inlet. Wrap hold something under the arm because of new water again broken bone of egg of leaves of all sorts of Liu Sheng seed, insect, bug and its debris, to the fish bring new delicate cate, prevail on fish around water inlet try to be the first is seized feed, wander to be not abandoned, in Chongqing this makes angle sail upstream fish. “ angles old man the two side that ” should choose water inlet are applied angle, have its good results surely. “ water inlet, ” , “ goes to flood on the fish angle water inlet, fish love swims toward here ” .

The summer is notFishinggood season. But should master a fish only the life rule in the summer, do sth in the proper way of together with go angling, still can accomplish off-season not “ weak ” , can fish more not only, and still can angle big fish.

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