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The novice uses note of double hook fishing
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In the closest popularityThe stage anglesWhat everybody uses in is double hook, such not only can make a check with a hook child, still rose to go up likewise piscine probability. Be quite effective what to need to notice in use process so?
With double hookThe skill of fishing, be in dangerous object in the technology, about child the attention that the length of the line already caused everybody, and another link that concerns to it- - amplitude, have not get enough recognition. After casting a hook, follow object dirty sinks is line line delimited in water a 90 degrees Gu line, the speed of this process decides to write object the chroma that particle entices in order to sail upstream in the layer. Be close to when Shanghai layer of the fish or with drop when dirty locates height agrees, object the particle of high concentration bait of straight water system can make of the fish swim the layer lifts further. Bait is dissolved in benthic centrally, of the fish bite means agrees basically is to rarely double hook goes up at the same time of the fish. Increase along with the frequency that cast a hook, the water concentration of particle of prefectural float bait is higher and higher, of the fish photograph food store layer to expand up, had grab feed sink the circumstance that hooks bait. Drop lighter, heavy fast slower, the possibility that piscine rise grabs food store is larger. Object hook structure also can use lead piece, mix 6 centimeters 8 centimeters directly, initiative entice with rub, convert after discovering piscine dispatch is diversiform pull bait to reduce bait to weigh. Lead piece although weight is negligible, but volume became large fall into water phonic sound, sink the eyewinker turns into to also meet those who affect a fish bite in the process. Child the line is short, it is to suit angle dangerous, angle small, signal needs half water and fish infirmly, with reducing amplitude to beg two hooks around bites of signal join.

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